She’s Back! Well, Me Too lol

Hi after i took a break from writing on blog lol (nope. I’m not taking a break but just too lazy to write anything 😜) i’m back! 😊

And i bring some news from U chan.

Yup! She updated her blog again.

First she made this cake for Chrismas eve. πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“ full of strawberries.

Second, she wrote an A member blog entry. So i won’t share anything here related to that post lol sorry. πŸ™

Last. For her new year entry, she made pizza with her children also scone! Anddd U chan made this lovely handbag for her daughter.

Cute right!? 😍

Heheh have a pleasant day today. Bye πŸ’‹

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Been a While

Hello there!

Been a while and this blog has been vacant again πŸ˜…

I wanna write something on this blog anniversary but i completely forgot the actual day lol

I only remember i made this blog on July 2014.

Okay. Doesn’t matter.

Maybe some of you (who have visited this blog before) wondering why there are lots of changes inside the blog.

Especially those posts about JYJ.

Yeah for so many reason, since couple months ago, i decided to give my focus only for TVXQ.

Yes. TVXQ. And yes i mean only Yunho and Changmin. Gosh! I feel so tired that i have this urge to explain that TVXQ are Yunho and Changmin now. A clear fact that all fans should have know since long time ago, i suppose.

I have reached a point where i can no longer supporting JYJ anymore. That’s why i eliminate all posts about them inside this blog.

From now on, this attic will be full (ahem, maybe not that full lol) with TVXQ only related stuff. β€πŸ’™

Bye bye~~~

Happy weekend!


Bye U.0615

Sedih banget siang ini.

Saat temen nge line ngasih tau kalo Ayana ngehapus Instagram. 😦

Gw cek Instagram, ternyata emang beneran udah engga ada. Setelah itu, gw cek blognya. Ayana udah ngasih pengumuman soal itu secara resmi.

Gw shock dan sedih. Baruuu aja dia gabung di dunia SNS selain Ameba, ternyata malah berakhir dengan kudu dihapus.

Sebeelllll banget sama haters yang terus-terusan ninggalin komen ga guna di Instagramnya. Gw tahu mungkin sedikit banyak, komen-komen itu yang bikin dia mundur dari sana.

Ughhhh sedih banget rasanya pas baca kalo Instagram engga cocok buat dia hiks.

Miris banget rasanya. Padahal dia bersikap terbuka ke semua orang. Yup sekelas Riidaa sama, ngijinin estrinya posting ato cerita soal anak-anak di sosmed, buat gw wow sekali.

Gw masih shock sih tapi it’s best decision for her. Dia masih akan update di blog jadi Ayana Furendo masih bisa komen-komenan di sana πŸ™‚

Walopun hanya dalam waktu yang singkat, tapi makasih banget, U udah sharing di Instagram πŸ™‚

See you on blog!

You can check her official announcement here :


Birthday Month


It’s her birthday month!

So excited!

Walopun ya, gegara ulah haters, Ayana jadi menonaktifkan kolom komentar.


Makasih ya, berkat ulah itu orang, Ayana Furendo engga bisa ngasih ucapan selamat buat Ayana di Instagram.

Semoga dia ngasih update di blog deh heheh jadi Ayana Furendo bisa nulis ucapan ulang tahun.

Sebelum menonaktifkan komentar, sempet rada ‘drama’ sih. Itu orang terus-terusan ngasih komentar yang mengganggu. Sampe fans lain juga ikut debat sama dia. Ugh.

Temen juga sempet ngasih tau kalo ternyata orang itu adalah orang yang juga dulu sering ngasih komen negatif di blog Ayana.

Sekarang Ayana punya Instagram, dia juga ikut pindah komen ke Instagram πŸ˜‘

Anyway, kemaren itu orang juga sempet2nya nge like salah satu foto gw di Instagram. Ughhhh kesel!

Parahnya lagi, dia ngeganti username dan posting foto Riida sama juga 😐 tapi gw sama temen gw tahu kalo itu orang yang sama, yg selalu gangguin Ayana lewat komen.

Ini orangnya. Mungkin bisa kita report kali ya biar akun dia diblock aja.

Tadinya gw pikir, Ayana bakal sementara menonaktifkan kolom komen, eh ternyata sampe sekarang masih belum berubah πŸ˜₯

Well mungkin itu lebih baik dibanding dia terus-terusan baca komen geje.

Okay! Her latest update!

Ayana sharing foto ini di Instagram. Kue ultah yang dipersiapkan sama temennya waktu Ayana plus anak-anak dateng ke rumah buat main.

Ayana hepi, anak-anak juga hepi 😊 well dia bilang sih dia engga peduli sama umur lol makin angka bertambah, makin horor tampaknya ya lol

Kuenya tampak enak. Stroberinya banyak sekaliiii πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

Early birthday cake 🍰🍰🍰

I’m looking forward for her actual birthday surprise later.

Hm mungkin aja Riidaa sama juga ngasih kejutan kan? Heheh

Bye Minna~

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Two days ago she posted this photo.

And again, i feel like, huh? Who is she? πŸ˜… and then after a while, i just remember that she’s U chanπŸ˜…


Nothing’s wrong with her. It’s just i feel like it’s been thousand’s years since i saw her last selca haha

So whenever i see her selca on Instagram, i feel amazed haha

She has that Mama aura now 😍

And other thing that amazed me is she’s also replying comments on IG.


I think it’s unsual for public figure replying their Instagram comments. Dunno but i rarely see those stars reply something like that. Unless if it’s a message or comment from their friends.

But i feel she’s very nice! She gives us some feedback. I feel nostalgic when i read her answer on Instagram.

I feel like we are back to Nau days 😊 she often gives Ayana Furendo short answer or even rambling randomly. That is fun.

I feel like we are really communicate through Instagram.

Aandddd i got a fact today. Through her answer.

Ayana once posted this photo on her blog.

She said it’s her car and the UK logo is really expensive.

She said it’s a Mini Cooper! Wow. Finally i got the answer about her car haha

Now she’s using different car. A long car since she’s driving with her children. Yes of course, her children sit on the back seat. Safety is number 1!

Maybe she’s using a family car? πŸ€”

Yeah, who knows.

I’m too sleepy to write another fun fact so i will stop now lol

Bye everyone. Good night.

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Verified :)


When i saw her Instagram today, the blue sign is already appeared πŸ˜„

U got the verified sign now. 😊

Well she regularly updates her Instagram.

Yesterday she went for strawberry picking with her children πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

Her son took photo of her ❀

She said it’s too close lol

I think U chan is still learning how to use Instagram feature properly heheh

Good day all~

Photo Source : u.0615


U Stagram

I got a surprise yesterday.

My friend DM me.

She said U chan has an Instagram account now.

Me : πŸ˜ƒ 😍😍😍

Well of course, i need to confirm the news first lol

It turns out that U chan announced it on her official blog!!!!

Soooo it’s official!!! 😁😍

Congrats U!!!

Finally your manager and *perhaps* her husband is also gave their permission.

Yeah, she didn’t get her manager’s approval sometime ago but now!!!! She’s joining Instagram πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Please follow her.

So far, she shared food photo anddddd a glimpse of her children photo while they were at park playing sands. 😁

Her account is u.0615

Hm i guess 0615 is orriginally from her birthdate 05.16 πŸ˜†

Who knows i only guess heheh

She’s following 8 account including her husband, Tetsuya 😍

Awwww how sweet is that!??

Her two best friend, Yve and Kana.

Anddddd her favorite actress from Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev πŸ˜€

Wow. She really like her ne.

Oh i’m waiting for the verified sign on her Instagram.


I hope she will share daily update ne 😁

PS. Her profile photo, i think that is from her Ray modelling days. An old photo. Dunno why she choose that πŸ˜…

I guess this one.

Yeah! Whatever! She’s on Instagram now.

I wish no one will hurt her with mean words. Haters just gonna hate and i wish them to keep their distance from her and her family.

Bye all~

Photo Source : ayana-sakai ameblo