30 Reasons for Park Yoochun

Today is Yoochun’s birthday. ❤


Happy birthday 6002-ssi!

Seperti yang sudah pernah saya buat sebelumnya di ultah Jeje dan Junsu, malam ini, saya juga bikin coretan iseng berisi list hal-hal yang saya favoritkan dari Park Yoochun XD

Here we go!

30 reasons for 30 years old Yoochun XD

6002-ssi, i really like…

1. Your Chunface
2. Your big smile
3. Your cry baby mode
4. Your smiling eyes
5. Your curly eyelashes
6. Your Adam’s apple
7. Your broad shoulder
8. Your sexy legs *especially if you wear short pants/jeans*
9. Your long curly hair (but i’m in love with his Mirotic hair era too!)
10. Your tattoos (my favorite is the one on your chest *phoenix, My Jaejoong, Yoohwan, Junsu, and of course AKTF tattoo)
11. Your deep low voice
12. Your awkward laugh
13. Your wide forehead XD
14. Your ambidextrous hands
15. Your pouty/duck lips


16. Your love for your family (yep, he’s family man!)
17. Your Harang~ (his dog is my favorite between member’s dog XD)
18. Your great manners. *thumbs up*
19. Cheeky attitude XD
20. Cheesy words LOL
21. Cutie pie mode ❤
22. Every time you plays piano
23. Your music composition *yeah, please release your solo album!*
24. Your airport fashion/daily day fashion
25. Your love/obsession towards flip-flops LOL
26. Your taste towards cars heheh
27. Your soulmates mode with Jaejoong ❤
28. Trolling mode towards Junsu LOL
29. Deep bond with JYJ members.
30. Your Dongshikkie character *yup, so far, he’s my fave chara*

Fyuhh~ akhirnya selesai juga list untuk Park Yoochun-nim ^^;;;

Well, engga seperti saat bikin list dua pendahulunya *baca : Jaejoong sama Junsu* yang mengalir lancar begitu saja. Untuk PYC, sempet tersendat dan blank. ^^;;

Dunno, ada banyak hal yang susah dan engga bisa nemu kalimat yang pas untuk dituliskan di sini dan masuk list.

PYC, he’s one of a great man. He’s not perfect but he’s kind, humble, wise, and really loves and respects his mother more than anything in this world. ❤

He’s a star but never realize that he’s a true star.

That’s enough for me to mark him as my favorite man 🙂

Happy birthday Park Yoochun!

Good luck for your enlistment and do your best to serve your country.

We will always wait and support you!


PS. Haduuu, dia dari kecil emang udah imut lucuuuu~ >////< kalo ketawa, matanya tinggal segaris. Gemesin~~~ >////<

Good night all~

Yang mau iseng ngintip-ngintip coretan list iseng saya buat KJJ dan KJS, monggo diklik ini aja ^^

30 Reasons for Double J

29 Reasons for Kim Junsu

Photo Credit : FromKanchan @D6002, MickyDong.com
PYC’s childhood photo shared by : Sharingyoochun.net



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