U Halloween

Yup,  U Halloween ❤

Sekalipun ga ikutan pesta kostum, tapi momma U rajin bikin serba-serbi berbau Halloween.

Pumpkin pudding ❤

31 Oktober 2012 (3)

Cream puff Jack O Lantern ❤

29 Oktober 2012 (4)

Pumpkin stick ❤


Pumpkin ice cream ❤


Cute spider web ❤

30 Oktober 2013 (6)

Yup, dia bikin sendiri pake choco pen.

Pumpkin decor ❤


Ga ketinggalan, Satie chan juga pake scarf Halloween hehe


Last but not least, U chan with cute Jack O Lantern ❤


Her Halloween is so cute and delicious ❤

Good night all~

Photos Credits : ameblo.jp/ayana-sakai/, AYANAVI.jp



Aya na ture 19th Edition


Bell Classic akhirnya bikin update juga ❤

So here it is~

The wedding dress ❤

AYA0160OffWhite-LOOK1 web

AYA0157OffWhite-LOOK1 web

4way wedding dress. Yang saya posting cuma dua aja hehe yang lainnya, silakan cek saja langsung ke laman Bell Classic ^^

Wedding dressnya full Swarovski ❤

Cocktail dress ❤

AYA0159Pink-LOOK web

AYA0158Blue-LOOK2 web

Rata-rata dihias banyak bunga tapi warnanya teduh, engga ngejreng ❤


New kimono ❤

aya2001_kon web

For the rest of the dresses, please check Bell Classic page ❤

Congratulations Ayana and Ayanature’s staff ❤

Happy 10th anniversary ❤

PS. aaaaa~ kelupaan >_<

Latest news from U. She wants to learn English, she drinks decaf coffee everyday, she cut her hair *again*, and she often bought cute clothes especially red, pink, and polka dot clothes for the royal baby ❤

Aww~ wanna see their cute baby ❤

Good night all~

Photos Credits : http://bellclassic.co.jp/topics/


KPCAA 2015!

So, today is the day! 😀

Our boys will receive The Prime Minister Awards ❤

Oke, sekarang, saya hanya sharing repo yang singkat.

Photos from preparation before the awards



From JCS Twitter ❤

Their seat. Exactly just like my thought XD

Parents and their only son XD

Ternyata oh ternyata, setelah mereka duduk, formasi yang awalnya dari Yoochun, Junsu, Jaejoong balik lagi ke posisi biasanya. XD


Yoochun, Jaejoong, Junsu. Ga jadi deh, anak satu-satunya diapit ibu-bapak.

Gwenchana, Soulmate pengen duduk deketan *ehhhh* XD

Arrival ❤

Awww, my beloved soulmate ❤



So, Hyung is wearing uniform. Clearly, he’s in duty ^^

Chun is still looks like a handsome actor ❤

Baby Su is completely ready to perform ❤

Btw, i’m a bit worried with Jaejoong. He looks a bit tired or feeling unwell. I hope, he’s okay 😦

Oh crap! Just read some bad news about Jaejoong 😦

He wears Korean flag upside down in his uniform o.O

Also, he forgot or messed up the lyrics when he sung the National Anthem on the other day!? o.O

That’s fatal mistake, i know. I just feel worried about him now.

With all pressures and those comments also his senior’s reaction 😦

I need other reliable news about this 😦

From Kpop Herald IG

[LIVE] Just beautiful. #JYJ #Junsu #Jaejoong #Yoochun

A post shared by Kpop Herald Official (@kpopherald) on

Awww just super excited


My favorite photo!


YAY! For The JYJ Flag ❤

Congratulations Boys ❤

Another one ❤


Aww~ Chun looks so happy, baby Su too 😀

Kim Jaejoong, cheer up! Fighting! ❤

Happy JYJ Day People ❤

Photos Credits : OSEN, @ma6002, SportsChosun, kpopHerald IG,bntInternational, @JCS
Photo shared by : @JaeChunSoulmate and JYJ3


Soempah Pemoeda 2015 Version

My only concern and my only wish right now.

The recovery of Kalimantan and Sumatra forest.

Fire and haze.

Natural disaster or pure stupidity of human being.

I only want people breath fresh air.

Live peacefully between green scenery.


Trees and animals.

Just please let them live!

What do you want, really?

Do you think you can live with only money!?

Just wait until the only thing you have in this world is your love for money!

Without fresh air, water, proper food.

You don’t live alone in this world.

Please give a proper place for plants and another gorgeous and wonderful creatures.


Just consider it, as a precious knowledge for our future generation.

Well, human is completely unpredictable ape, right?

So unpredictable and sometimes, completely out of their mind 😦


Never stop praying for a better condition.

Never stop fighting for the better future.

Never stop hoping for the recovery.

Indonesia, i love you.

Photos Credits : http://tempoyaker.blogspot.co.id/2010/05/wisata-petualangan-hutan-tropis.html


Boys, I’m Really Proud Of You!

So, today, actually, i’m a bit upset! 😦

My baby sister made my new book wet and the worst is i haven’t read the book at all! *ugh*

And then, i haven’t saved my draft about JYJ’s latest news yesterday in WP coz suddenly my internet is off *ugh no.2*

Lots of things just make me really pissed off! *ugh no.3*

Okay! Now, let’s just change the topic, coz JYJ boys once again, make me proud as their fans ❤

Dari Kim Junsu dulu ❤


Saya udah nonton MV ‘Yesterday’ juga ‘Oeo’

Kesimpulannya, saya suka MV Yestreday tapi jatuh cinta sama lagu ‘Oeo’ LOL

Saya jatuh cinta juga sama versi akustik yang ada di mini albumnya ❤

And then, his LIVE in Yokohama ❤

He sung Taxi and it feel really nice 🙂 no more, no less. Good job, Su!

‘No Reason’ LIVE hmm, sexy? haha

Well, in my personal opinion, it’s just too much. I mean, with the bed, the girl, their pose.

Don’t get me wrong, i love Junsu in his sexy mode just like his coreo for The X Song. And i don’t mind if he wants to put lots of sexy or even R19 elements on his LIVE.

But really, it’s still a bit too much for me to see him on that bed ^^;;;

With that kind of coreo, perhaps, he’s ready to embrace another bed scene in musical just like he did for the Dracula hehe

Oh dan waktu nonton fancam No Reason ini, saya agak kuciwa gegara bed scene itu, malah teriakan heboh fans yang mendominasi bukannya suara Junsu 😦

I barely heard his voice.

Tapi lucu, karena saya denger berbagai jenis teriakan. Histeris, jealous, ketawa puas, semuanya campur aduk XD


PS. My favorite photo from his live in Yokohoma. Look at his bling-bling rainbow coat ❤

Okay! Another news from Kim Jae Joong ❤

He sung The National Anthem on TIRE Bank KBO League ❤


And last but least! OMG, it got me so excited ❤

They will receive The Prime Minister Awards for 2015 Korean Pop Culture ❤

Pantesan, member JYJ dateng semua ❤

I am really proud!

You deserve it boys!

Mereka bertahan di ranah entertainment sebagai grup juga solo, ga macem-macem, stay humble, kerja keras, melakukan yang terbaik, bukan attention seeker, and you bring so much more fans from all over the world ❤

And somehow, their military life bring them so much more closer to us, fans, i think ^^

We see them a lot! XD

Once again, congratulations ❤

Can’t wait 2015.10.29 ❤

Now, i’m too excited LOL

Tuh pan!!! Gara-gara terlalu antusias, lupa deh mo nulis satu hal penting lagi!

Ilkook appa akhirnya resmi bergabung dengan cjes ❤

Wuih, semoga di masa mendatang, Ilkook appa dapet project movie/drama yang bagus yak ^^

And then triplets meet another triplets hehe

Menantikan juga, Daehan Minguk Manse vs Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu hehehehe

Good night all~

Photos Credits : OSEN, XIABPENCIL, cjes.tagram
Photos Shared by : JYJ3 and DBSKnigts


U And Glasses

Masih lanjut spazzing malam ini XD

Sekarang, giliran U chan ❤

Tema malam ini, udah jelas banget dari judul blog di atas ^^

U chan with glasses ❤


She’s so cute~


Her favorite brand is Chrome Hearts, familiar, everyone? XD


U chan pake salah satu ‘eye cat’ dari merk ‘Chuuuuuch!?’ kaca mata ini istimewa karena sahabat U chan, Yve lah yang desain.

Saat Ayana liat kacamata ini, dia langsung hebring pesen sama Yve hehe


My favorite photos ❤


24 Juli 2013 (2)

From Tetsugaku 1, Leader said, he loves a girl who looks good in glasses.

Well, now, he finally found her ❤

Btw, the husband is also looks really good in glasses ❤



What do you think? ^^


He’s ready to rockin’ The Contdown Japan 15/16 ❤

Love his new photo ❤


Good night all~

Photos Credits : AYANAVI.jp, ameba.jp/ayana-sakai, TETSUYA LINE
(Leader’s Photos : as usual, when i forgot the source, i didn’t mean to omit the credits. Please let me know if you know the original uploader. Thank you ^^)


Park Yoo Chun-nim Event

Okay! Park Yoo Chun’s turn ❤

My favorite from Award Night ❤

Hello tuxedo and bow tie ❤


Another fashion from his award night.

Love his black turtle neck and also, his semi long hair hehe


From movie VIP premier event.

Spotted! His long coat ❤


Product/CM Fansigning

Gile, ini event lama, Chun masih keliatan ‘idol’nya LOL

Hair style, sunglasses, outer, and jeans. Perfect ❤


Interview with Sohu and Sina ❤



Piku yang terakhir itu, jadi keingetan mulu pas BTS interview sama LINE. Coordi Chun bolak-balik mulu benerin letak dasinya supaya lurus, sementara Chun terus-terusan gerak kiri-kanan dan bikin dasinya miring terus XDD

That’s it! Well, sebenernya, untuk event Chun ini, masih banyak yang belom dibagi, terutama event buat drama/film plus FM.

Hanya saja, kalo diposting semuanya malam ini, bisa banjir piku ^^;;;

Jadi, lain kali saja ^^

Good night all~

Photos Credits : as tagged, sina, WStarNews, Newsen.com, OSEN, weibo.com/sohukorea
Shared by : JYJ3.net, SharingYoochun.net