Fruitful Trip!

JYJ [Harvest Day]

[Fruitful Trip]

Hihi saya rada geli baca judulnya tapi super hepi karena JYJ bakal rilis DVD anyar as a whole!

Udah ada banyak piku teaser bertebaran sejak beberapa waktu lalu dan baru terjawab sekarang!


Durasinya 120 menit tapi CJES juga bakal rilis tayangan singkat di Naver TV Cast dari tanggal 1 sampe tanggal 5 Februari mendatang.

Masing-masing episode, berdurasi 5 menit. *yeay!*


Itu hal yang saya hargai. Sekalipun ada fans yang engga puas dengan durasi tayangan, buat saya sih cukup karena kan ga mungkin juga CJES rilis semua isi DVD secara online.

Jadi fans bisa liat sisanya via DVD. ❤


Moga aja isinya ga garing macem rilisan DVD [Come On Over] dulu :p

Just can’t wait!

Another important thing!

[INFO] #Jaejoong will begin Winter tactical training from 1-5 Feb to bolster the capability to carry out operations in very cold weather.


I really hope he’ll be fine! No injuries and stay healthy.

Training in the middle of cold weather and snow is really hard!

But I’m sure he’ll do his very best! Always!

Good day all~

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Saengil Chukae Joong :)

Uda ga inget sama tanggal plus hari dan tahu-tahu aja hari ini ultahnya Jeje! OMO!!!!

Maaf, Joong, *nyaris* lupa >.<

Latest song ❤


Bertitel ‘You Know What’

Udah pada baca translation liriknya belom?

Saya baca tadi pagi and somehow a bit surprised.

Is it his real story or not?

Kalo bener, hm, so is that about his ex girlfriend or current girlfriend? *bukan mo gosip ya tapi mungkin aja dia uda punya pacar juga ^^v*

Well tapi klo liat dari liriknya, agak bikin marah juga sama si cewek. Keknya dia ga menghargai perasaan Jeje sebesar yang Jeje kasih Dan rasain buat dia.

Gemes juga Jeje segitu sukanya sama si cewek huks. Saya suka sedih klo ceweknya ‘ga bener’ Grrr.

Jeje tuh selalu full ga pernah setengah-setengah makanya saya berharap banget klo sampe dia punya pacar beneran ato merit, ceweknya harus banget  tulus  dan juga ga setengah-setengah sama Jeje.

Ga rela juga klo dia sampe dimanfaatin cih! Kita buru tuh cewek lol

Apapun yang terjadi, sekalipun si cewek yang salah, Jeje tuh malah suka nyalahin dirinya sendiri. Itu yang saya ga suka banget >.<

Makanya, begitu baca lirik lagu itu, saya gemes to the max. Semoga aja cuman pengalaman masa lalu :p

Ato cuman lagu yang bukan ditulis dari real life.  *hm tapi tetep aja masih ngerasa kok keknya itu pengalaman pribadi dia yak ^^;;;;*

Yah yo weiss. Pokoknya, Happy Birthday, Joong! *saya lebih suka manggil dia Joong, terutama di fanfic hehe*

Tetep semangat bertugas, sehat selalu, jangan sampe cedera. ❤

Sukses buat album kedua nya plus konser hologram Februari mendatang.

Happy birthday ❤



P For Pocky :)

So finally, my laptop is back! Yeay! Happy mode : on *throwing confetti* lol

That means, I could post lots of photo spazz hoho

I’m satisfied even though some of my data is lost T_T *especially the latest one*

Gwenchana! Latest one is easy to find again hehe


Today gonna spazzing another screen caps from JYJ Membership Week for Japanese fans.

My favorite scene.

Pocky kiss game XD

Here we go!

From Chun’s angle :




Another angle.

Junsu’s turn lol




The result is all the same.

Yoochun’s soulless face XD


He’s kind like didn’t even know what just happened to him hahaha

Completely hilarious YooSu ❤

Haahh and too bad Hyung wasn’t there. Just imagining about Hyung’s kissu game with lovely dongsaeng lol

But his letter makes me laugh. So sweet but at the same time super hilarious too XD

Oh Joong, saranghae for that lol

Ah, Dracula The Musical has just begun yesterday, right?

Kim Junsu fighting!


Really really really love his semi pink hair ❤

Wanna take Lord Xiacula home with me lol

That's it!

Have a wonderful day, all~

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Subs and Translated : Xiah Junjjyu
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Latest Boom

He’s going to release his latest song on his upcoming birthday this month 🙂

Title errr completely forgot *not good fans* :p


And his new album will out in February plus his hologram concert 🙂

Latest favorite photo from this man ❤


Gorgeous ❤

Love his sunglasses and hair style.


He’s half ready lol still wearing his beloved sandals heheh

Another man!


Oh baby, Kim Junsu, our beloved Lord Xiacula ❤

Trying so hard to ignore left photo ha-ha but completely adore the other one.

Walopun di MV teranyar Dracula, rambut panjang itu buat saya serasa ga banget tapi di foto itu thumbs up ❤

Suka banget denger suara Junsu di MV nya. Serak Dan rough gitu ya hehe

That's it!

Good night all~

Soulmates never leave us even they're on military duty 🙂

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Une Chanson Pour Pere

Excusez-moi, il n’y a pas d’accent :p

Vous ecoutez le Chanson, n’est pas?

Park Yoochun avec son piece de musique et paroles. 🙂

Tout simple mais tres brillante et calme.

J’aime aussi le MV, comme un film.

Semi autobiographie, je pense.

Son MV me touche!


La Chanson est une histoire, son experience avec sa famille, son Pere.

Le MV surtout, bien adapte de l’histoire de Yoochun 🙂

Sol Kyeong Gu est parfait aussi. 🙂

Bon choix pour l’image de Pere.

La memoire de son Pere et il la partage avec nous, fans.

Merci Park Yoochun. Mille merci!

La simplicite et la beaute. Vous presentez tres bon cadeau pour votre Pere. ❤

Oh il est le produceur aussi apparement 🙂

C’est fait ce mini-album plus intime et intact ^^

Ah, en fin! Hehe

Oh, ne parlez jamais que ce mini-album est votre premier aussi le dernier!


Je peux ecouter plus, plus votre piece de musique!

'How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet' Lyrics and Translation, here:


Can’t sleep, so I put another photo now (laugh)

From Melon and Naver ❤



Komen saya cuma, oh Chun, kentara banget dempulmu eh make up mu XDD

Oke! Another great news :

Uri beloved Xiacula won Popularity Award !


Aww he looks so cute with that red hair but in shorter version I think ^^

Can’t wait to see your 2016 Xiacula ❤

Bon Nuit a tous!

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Them, More Than Enough For Me


Saturday night. What are you doing?

Me is spazzing and rambling as usual (laugh)

Another JYJ night here~

And I still can’t dig some data from my laptop so no old photo collection just some of screen caps now ❤

Caps from JYJ Ichigo Ichie ❤

When Hyung is busy fanboying his baby maknae heheh


Behind the stage~ Chun is busy but have fun with that errrr skate board thing lol

Chun board hehe rolling rolling rolling baby~


Adorable Santas ❤


Yep, they argued too, over silly thing of course lol and make me laughing so hard XD


Last but not least, Jaejoong and Yoochun always let their baby to give us his opinion, deep thought, feelings, funny comments, silly words, cute gestures and the hyungs are completely at ease ^^


Yesterday, I found a comment about them.

A girl said that JYJ is just too old for her and they’re not that somehow ‘in trend’ right now.

Well, to be honest her comment doesn’t give any negative impact.

No anger or piss off things on me.

Exactly. Just a bit smile and I shake my head.


I don’t care about other people’s opinion about them.

It’s just for me, JYJ always have sparkling things, charm that captivated my eyes and heart 🙂

They’re about same age with me and I also watch their transformation even not from the very beginning.

Having idol that around same age with me and not older is really fun heheh

I don’t need them to be tuned on what’s in trend now,  or they should always on the top, or popular, having huge amount of fanbase.

I smile and happy knowing that the boys are always do their best in every project, every single pieces.

I laugh every single time I watch their silly, weird, funny video or words.

Feel proud to see their maturity.

I feel upset when this black banned thing always surround them.

I shed tears along with them while watching them through video.

Just can’t stop kyaaing when it comes to them.

The boys, they’re steal my attention.

Who’s popular now well that’s not even matter. I haven’t found any other idol who can create big effect on me just like JYJ boys do.

They touch my heart. That’s it.


And junior fans, please, always respect your senior. If you wanna other people respect you or your beloved idol, always always have respect and manners towards seniors.

Be nice coz rude words or behaviour won’t take you anywhere.

Always remember this, someday you will realize that your ‘in trend’ idol will finally step down from the glamorous throne of idol kingdom.

They step down but some of them never lose their light and find lots of new way to make their stars brightest.

And one of that ‘some’ is my beloved boys, JYJ 🙂

Will your idol do the same?

We’ll see.

Good night all~

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Tough Week


Fandom this week lots of sad but also great news. Well dominated by sad and ‘makes me upset’ article.

Yang pertama,  datang dari pasangan Junsu-Hani. You know what happened, right?

Mulai dari Junsu menang award di ajang Seoul Music Award 2015 tapi seperti biasa, dilewat begitu saja. Dia menang tapi dia tidak diundang datang.

Wedehel!? Seperti biasanya pula, tidak ada kejelasan dari penyelenggara.

He’s upset and very disappointed with this never ending banned.

Yang paling bikin miris sih waktu Junsu minta maaf sama kita, fans karena merasa tidak bisa ‘repay’ atas support yang diberikan selama ini. You don’t need to do that, Su!

You work hard, really hard and you always make us proud. That’s your way to make us the most happiest fans ever. 🙂

Never stop walking and figthing.


And then his relationship with Hani. Dating could be really tricky if you’re *especially* idol.

And all those nasty comments from haters, spot light from media, enthusiasm from public.

Guess those things make them tired already.

Hani burst into tears in front of so many people. At first, I was just confused. What’s wrong with this girl? She shouldn’t act like that especially on event like award.

Yep I also read that comedian’s joke and again still, I don’t get it why she burst into tears.

And then I got this. It’s only my opinion. Perhaps Hani stucked up her feelings after the big news was blown up by media.

Lots of questions, lots of comments, good and bad, people pay attention to her more than before, people love her, people hate her. She’s under big turbulence.

Despite that, she’s still continuing her activity like usual. So I think that she’s tired both of mental and physical.

And then her emotion accumulated and that’s why she finally cried.

Now I worry about how much all this thing affected Junsu too.

Both of them carry the same weight. So I hope they will survive and stay tough under all the pressure.

She’s young and I know it’s really hard to deal with lots of negative things out there.

But I do hope that she will become more mature and wise, and tough! She needs to have big endurance if she wants to continue to stay beside Junsu ^^

And nope, not only for her relationship but also for her future career.

And I know, Junsu will always support her too, always!

Wanna continue to write but I don’t have any energy left.

So I guess, that’s it.

Kim Junsu, figthing!

Hani, figthing!

Cheer up! 🙂

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