I See Him

I had dream couple days ago. 

Yes, Him, The Leader 🙂 

I’m not quite sure what was the dream about but one thing for sure is he’s super happy ❤

He appeared on his 98/99 looks. With red hair, Buffalo shoes, short, T shirt. Kinda wowing me to be able to see him like that.

He’s adorable as usual, super dorky, moving around a lot *nope, he’s not on stage. Dunno, just on his free time, he laugh a lot*

He play some silly game and trick with me and that makes me a bit upset haha but to see him laughing so happy, just melt my heart ❤

And then he really appeared on his latest update on LINE. 


Super rare to see him appear on his blog or even IG.

So really grateful and of course, super happy 🙂 

He looks so cool there! Wearing his Dsquared T shirt. Yeah, he’s still very much in love with that brand 🙂 

He’s going to release his latest single. [Time Goes On] and [ Make A Wish]

And to hear his own version of Time Goes On, keep making me teary. His voice, his music. He touch my heart.

Good luck for your latest project, Riidaa sama 🙂

And omedettou for the birth of your daughter ❤

Father of two. Wow. He’s going to be a great and super cute daddy, I’m sure 😀 

That’s it.

Good night. 

PS. Can I have another dream with a rock star tonight, please? Hehe


Photo Source and Credit : LINE Blog TETSUYA


Choco Boom! 

Been hectic days recently.

And been over a week since I found another addictive thing besides coffee.

Yup, now I’m crazy about choco.

All about choco. Started with hot cocoa. At first, just like ‘okay, just give it a shot’ and then boom! 

Almost every day, I drink hot cocoa. Even twice a day lol 

After that, choco cookies and biscuits.

Whew, don’t know that the day where I’m completely fall in love with choco will come lol

Not fancy choco but yeah, addictive is addictive.

Maybe I’m tired with coffee.

Maybe I’m tired with my daily routine.

Maybe I’m under stress.

Just dunno, why I’m falling this hard into choco land haha

Or maybe because recently I keep watching Mao kun with his sweet tooth ❤

OMG, seriously, watching cute guy with sweets just melt my heart ❤

He’s completely enjoying his sweets heaven lol

Mao, I think I’m going to have some sort of sweets BOOM too inside myself, thanks to you, sweetheart ❤

Now, in the middle of watching his old TV show ‘Sugao no Kyousuke’ 

He’s still baby ❤

Awww Mao and sweets ❤

Best combo besides Mao and Dai XD

Desperately wanna watch his TV show with eng subs.

Done with my sweet rambling haha

Bye now.

Craving for another choco and craving for Mao ❤

Mao Photo Source : Masanori Hamao Official IG


Mao Mao Mao! 

So today is Sunday and instead of cleaning my room or doing my laundry, I spend time with googling and giggling over Hamao Kyosuke and Watanabe Daisuke XD

Well, actually it’s been a week since my BOOM for Mao Chan and Dai Chan are on fire again.

Whew after on Slumber mode, finally, they’re return into my heart, into my sight lol

Been in love with them since their Takumi kun era and just can’t stop adoring them. 

And then I realised that my love for them  is not solely for Takumi and Gii but for the real them. Hamao Kyosuke and Watanabe Daisuke.

I used to follow their Official blog in Ameba and saved hundreds of their adorable photos but at some points, I decided to DELETED all their photos from my laptop and also my HDD *cries now out loud* 

Why did I do that horrible crime!????? Ugh! Now I’m completely regret my reckless action.

So, started from week ago, when Takumi kun series blooming again inside my heart, I became really curious about what Mao and Dai up to.

And when I googling about Mao, the word ‘retired’ just choked me.

Why!? Why!? Why?????why do I have to feel this amazing feeling about him only after his retirement!? 

I feel like, he’s completely leave me behind while my heart is so full with him.*sobs*

Then starting from that, I’m trying so hard to catch up with all news about him, his family, and Dai Chan.

Kind like pouring my concentration, energy, and my internet quota only for them and I don’t care about my other fandom related news lol

Yep, that’s me. When i’m on fire on something, I tend to ignore anything else haha

I won’t rambling about my feeling towards Mao’s retirement etc right now. This post is only some kind of ‘Ouverture’ for another post about Mao and Dai here, inside my small attic heheh

Now, I’m not sad anymore about his decision but full of love for him and Dai Chan ❤

Lots of news, blog translation, videos, photos about them. I need to catch up every single thing about them! 

It’s kind like, yes, I’m a newbie and I’m ready to learn about them from the very basic haha

Found lots of interesting thing about them on LJ. 🙂 

And every time I read or get to know about them, my love is growing bigger and deeper for our lovely boys! 

I wanna write more but then my feeling is getting blurry because of excitement lol 

So,better to stop now and continue to write later. One by one.

About Mao, about Dai, about fanfiction. Yep, in the middle of preparation for my first DaiMao fanfiction. Yeay! 

But first, of course, I need to know them a bit better to be able to write a fic 🙂 

I need to know their style and personality, thoughts, etc. Gyaaa already excited now lol 

Bye all.

Have a wonderful Sunday and here I am, enjoying my Sunday with MaoDai news and videos ❤

Photos Sources : Masanori Hamao Official IGKyosuke Hamao Official BlogWatanabe Daisuke Official Blog

Mao and Dai Photos Shared by : nc3361 LJ



Welcome Baby Girl :) 

Minna Konnichiwa! 

A really happy news today! 

Our beloved TETSUYA and Momma U Chan are welcoming their second child! 

A baby girl ❤

OMG!! Can’t believe this happy news but yeah, it’s true! 

Momma U wrote this happy news on her blog  today, August 6th, with super cute tiny fingers awith a bit pinkish nuance from her baby blanket I think hehe

Sooooo lovely!!!!

I was surprised while reading her blog because momma U never said anything related to her second pregnancy not even a word or hints! 

So that’s why I was really surprised. I thought that she was busy with her baby boy so she’s rarely updating her blog or Nau and then yeah finally we heard another great news from this family 🙂 

So happy for them. I wish their kids will grow up healthy and happy 🙂

She never mentioned the exact date of birth nor name. Only gender 🙂 

That’s it for today.

Now,back to work. (Laugh)


Photo Source : Sakai Ayana Official Blog



Latest updates from U Chan’s Nau.

Pertama, dia menulis tentang Pokemon Go. U Chan menulis bahwa Pokemon Go memang populer tapi karena dia tidak bermain game sama sekali, jadi dia engga ikutan main Pokemon. Ada ungkapan kekhawatiran dari momma U juga mengenai game satu ini. Harus berhati-hati saat berjalan apalagi saat menyetir. Takutnya kan gimana kalau terjadi kecelakaan atau sesuatu semacam itu? 

Hal lain yang dia tulis adalah, she feels gratitude. She got lots of help from everybody. 🙂 

Another update is coming from her husband, TETSUYA. Via Line blognya, Riidaa anteng banget berbagi soal his latest stuff.

His favorite : Union Jack and Paris ❤

Hm koleksi Riidaa sama momma U nambah lagi kayaknya nih hehe

Okay that’s it.

Good day all~

Photos Source : TETSUYA LINE Blog