Which One? 

Karena beberapa minggu terakhir, saya menggila sama anime Kuroko no Basuke (The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays) alias Kurobas, hari ini mau iseng bikin list chara favorit dari Kiseki no Sedai plus Kagami Dan Kuroko hehe

So here is my list :

1. Ryouta Kise

2. Midorima Shintaro

3. Seijuuro Akashi

4. Daiki Aomine

5. Tetsuya Kuroko

6. Taiga Kagami

7. Atasushi Murasakibara

Baru list nya aja, blabbering soal mereka nanti saya lanjut XD

So, which one is your favorite? 🙂

Have a good day all~

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So, Here Is The Thing…

Jadi, selama beberapa minggu ke belakang, setelah kasus Yoochun mengemuka, I kinda don’t know what I feel to the boys.

All of them, not only Yoochun.

Yeah, Chun is the cause but that, affect the other 4.

My point of view is kinda change too.

It’s really hard to gain back my old feelings towards them.

Well, how should I say it?

I still like them. *Yoochun is not included, anyway*

But it’s really hard to be able to enjoy their songs, performances, reality shows, article, etc. Anything related to the boys.

I’m still following their news and saving their photos but that’s all.

I wonder, is that means I’m no longer their fans? Or what!? 

I became frustrated with this feeling.

So weird because I know I still like them but just not quite like I used to.

Arghhh so complicated. 

But today, I saw this photo.

See his smile, kinda melting my heart.

He looks like super cute and innocent boy ❤

For now, that would be enough for me 🙂 

Good day all~

Photo Source : Jaejoong Official Twitter


Hi There!

I’ve been very passive lately.

Towards my K fandom.

Recently, I Just read and save photos. That’s all.

I wanna share some posts or maybe a little spazz about the boys but just too lazy to move my fingers and write something here 😦

Sorry for my laziness lol

I’m still around.

Especially this man.

He looks fantastic on his latest musical project.

I love his blonde hair.

I’ve watched the MVs and other, related to Dorian Gray.

And i love them!

Another thing is Park Eun Tae is also looks so shining to me ❤

That’s it.

Just wanna say hi to my blog this September XD

My boom recently : Free! Anime and the seiyuu ❤

Bye all~

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