October 3rd!

Otanjoubi omedettou, Riidaa-sama ❤

Band, music, a wife, and two children! 

Life is wonderful, ne, Riidaa-sama 🙂

Thank you so much for all your hard work, your effort, your endurance. 

I never know enough your struggle, your tears, your thoughts.

All I know is, I will always support you from here 🙂 

There! There! Done with his birthday opening speech from me lol

Now, let’s spazzing a bit!

Riidaa-sama’s birthday moments from Ayana’s blog ❤



Ayana shared this photo ❤

I forgot what she wrote at that time, though ^^;;;;

But! She took that photo on October 4th. 


She made curry rice and roll cake! 

You see her message, right? *wink*

Actually, she posted some more about their special moment but yeah, almost all of them are locked entries so I won’t share anything related to those, here 🙂

Hey! Respect their privacy, ne? *wink* 

At last!

Happy birthday Dear Tetsuya!

Genki and happy, always!

Good night all~

Photos Sources : ayanavi.jp, ameblo.jp/ayana-sakai


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