Captivated By….



Suzuki Tatsuhisa a.k.a Tattsun! ❤

Baru banget saya jadi fansnya lol 

Terpelet pertama Kali dari Free! Seiyuu Event 2015. XD

Waktu nonton dia perform lagu, Splash Free! Rasanya kayak : ‘eh!? Who is he!?’ He’s cool, dunno, his stage act just feel like different than others. He has different aura for me and that’s why my eyes keep following him. 

Around that time, I don’t him. I know that he’s Makoto’s seiyuu. That’s it. I don’t have any info about him and was busy enjoying my Free! Boom inside of me XD

Terus, mulailah nyari-nyari info soal seiyuu Free! Termasuk Tattsun. 

Mantengin piku, baca interview, nonton video, mantengin anime yang ada dia sebagai seiyuu. 

Then, officially, now, I’m his fans! Haha

Another fact! He’s a rock star, baby! Wow! When I knew that fact for the very first time, I was just, dunno, my brain trying so hard to accept the fact lol 

Yeah, his band is Oldcodex and yep, he’s the vocalist. 

Now, I’m in the middle of Tattsun’s world. (Sometimes, I get lost XD)

Well, seiyuu world is a whole new thing for me. (Besides Tattsun, I also pay attention to another seiyuu) 

So it’s kind of fascinating but also confusing. XD

Banyak yang belom saya tahu atau paham Dan masih meraba-raba but it is really interesting! 

Jadi rajin nonton anime bukan hanya karena ceritanya sekarang tapi lebih ke siapa seiyuu yang ada di baliknya. Yup, udah mulai pasang telinga Dan mata karena udah punya beberapa seiyuu favorit. ^^

Termasuk Tattsun! 

He’s dork! Super dork! But very very very charming haha *gilee, feromon Tattsun kuat banget XD*

Buat sekarang sih, masih lebih menikmati project dia as seiyuu dibanding Oldcodex. (Masih berusaha mencerna lagu-lagu Oldcodex ^^;;;)

Oh and I love to read his diary. I’m fascinated by his words,his deep thoughts. Ah, and it seems like, thanks to his diary, i’m so into him, deeper 🙂

I guess that’s it for tonight. It’s difficult to be able to write my feelings towards him ^^;;;;;

That’s what happens every single time I’m so into someone or something. My mind just went blank because I have lots of feeling inside and sometimes, I get confused haha

Good night all~

Photos Sources : Tatsuhisa_Ind IGshiina_and_salmon IGJapaneseaesthetic IG


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