Seriously, I’m bored.

Almost two days, I stayed in my bed, sleeping, eating, mostly sleeping. 

Thanks to my blood pressure and apparently my fatigue have accumulated. So, yeah, my body needs to rest. 

Well, my body might not at best condition but my fangirl heart is still beating normally (laugh)

I’m still busy with Tattsun. Yeah, googling about him, watching and re watching his video. 

And he put smiles on my face 🙂

So yeah, here we go! Some random screen shots from his events. ❤

He looks so cool! From his interview for Final Fantasy XV ❤

From Seiyuu Events!

He looks so adorable and cute with his glasses 🙂

Another fave!


Hugs hugs hugs 


So sorry for LQ pics lol


That’s it for tonight!


-random elle is super random, apparently-


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