Cafe Detto! 

Café date!

A surprise from Yve.

She posted this photo today 🙂

Yve and U Chan!

What a surprise, really! Especially for me hehe

Beneran, setelah kabar kelahiran anak keduanya bulan Augustus lalu, momma U memang engga pernah lagi bikin update di blog atau Nau.

Bahkan mengenai Aya na ture pun engga ada berita sama sekali * well mungkin beneran deh momma U rehat dulu*

So no updates no photo of her.

And today her best friend shared a precious photo.

Yve says, she misses her *yeah, me too* 

Both are smiling but I think momma U is a bit tired.

Gambarimashou, momma U! Taking care of two children are not easy, I know.

I hope she’ll able to maintain her health and positive energy every day.

And someday, she’ll back and gives us lots of latest project or news 🙂

Hm, her hair seems longer now. Will she brings back her long hair!? But somehow, I thought that she’s gonna cut her hair, soon hehe

Good night.

I’m so glad at least, she’s still keep in touch with Ayanafurendo via Yve’s IG and perhaps she wants to tell us that she is alright 🙂 

Oh! And Yve replied my message ❤

U chan is happy! 🙂

Oh,perhaps they met because two days ago was yve’s birthday.

So yeah, two best friends meet up and talk, sharing stories after a while.

Momma U is enjoying her me time, i think

Night all~

Photo Source : Yve Official IG


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