And I Said

Welcome back, Lee Joon Gi ❤


Thanks to Scarlett Heart, my friends spoilers on Twitter, I’m embracing him so tightly now lol

To see him in that drama, bring my memories back to 2006 when the very first time I saw him.

Through Gong Gil, I was fascinated by his beautiful and delicate face and of course his acting on his fenomenal movie,’The King and The Clown’

Totally captivated by this man, I also watched his drama,’My Girl’ but after that, I was busy with another fandom lol yeah, if you live in multi fandoms, you’re going to understand me lolol 

So I’m completely losing tracks of LJG yep, I’ve heard about his military service but that’s all.

And now 2016.

Charmed by his latest drama and my old feeling is back! 

Well, before I start to rambling about Scarlett Heart, please allow me to adore this scene.

I love his eyes here.

He expresses everything.

Sad, anger, anxiety, fear, and that feeling being completely’naked’ when you don’t wanna anybody knows about your weakness, your wound.

And there he is. Standing in front of a stranger while exposing his biggest weakness.

Love love love this wonderful scene!

You delivered it perfectly, Oppa! 

I have lots of fave scenes and maybe later, I’m gonna share them with you ❤

For now, it’s good enough hehe

Enjoy your Friday!



Photo Source : actor_jg IG


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