Today, i just wanna cry just like Joon Gi did T_T



My phone! My phone! My beloved phone!

I lost all my data!!!!


No back up! Seriously, i’m really upset and sad.


Photos, videos, my real life also fandoms!!!!



I try to gain back my data.

Not all of them, that would be impossible.

I even forgot some of them *another ugh*

It’s just too upsetting!!!

I don’t know.

I’ll see what i could do to get them back.

Still, it’s really tiring to re collect again my fave photos or videos T^T

Especially, related to Moon Lovers/Scarlet Heart *sobbing*

and also my Kurobas file *another sobbing*

And my Tattsun’s files *dies*

I’m upset to myself!!!!

Maybe i’m gonna cry for couple of days T_T

Well, gonna try my best then!!


Photo Source and Shared By : @MoonLoversSBS

-sad and angry elle-

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