He’s Back, She’s Back, They’re Back! 

Riidaa sama made a comeback! 

I’ve watched his performance on FNS. Yeay! Welcome back, my bouncy BANANA HEHEH

(seriously, this one comment on Twitter made me loling so hard!) Sakai Ayana’s husband, Horikita Maki’s husband, Keiko Kitagawa ‘s husband, and ex-husband of Yumi Puffy are flocked together on stage lol 

Thank you! I really love their performance ❤

L’Arc en Ciel is also back! 

With their new single, Don’t Be Afraid for Biohazard/Resident Evil ost.

Cool song, cool PV!

Can’t wait to watch the movie (mostly because LJG will appear there lol)

Aaanddd Momma U chan is also made her comeback to blog and Nau!!

She said she can’t wait to write lots on her Nau. Hm, perhaps, now, she has more free time rather than couple months ago.

I will share some of her Nau : 

Dia lagi rempong banget sama anak-anaknya. Terutama si sulung yang lagi bandel-bandelnya heheh tapi karena masa-masa sekarang tuh ga akan bisa terulang lagi, jadi dia pengen do her best buat dua anaknya. 

Momma U juga ternyata masih ngikutin serial TV Vampire Diaries (kirain udah tamat dari kapan taun) dan dia juga tertarik buat nonton spin offnya, The Original.

Dia belum nonton season terakhir dari serial TV Gossip Girl. (Sama, yg ini juga, kirain udah dia tonton dari kapan taun heheh)

Oh, she’s not good with blood and zombie thing so, no Biohazard movie for her, i think ^^;;;

Hm, apalagi ya? 

Lupa, kebanyakan Nau nya memang berisi jawaban untuk Ayanafurendo.

Ah, dan update teranyar dari blognya, sesuai apa yang dia tulis di Nau, U chan bikin Christmas dinner bareng keluarga.

Ada banyak makanan yang dia buat dalam waktu yang kepepet. Thumbs up, momma U! Cek blognya deh, jadi kalian bisa liat lebih banyak foto makanan yang dia buat.

I love her Christmas dinner menu.

Dining style nya juga bernuansa merah dan hijau. Sangat Natal sekali 🙂

My favorite photo!

Her homemade Strawberry Shortcake!

So lovely! 

She puts lots of strawberries ❤

Walopun dia udah lama banget ga bikin kue, tapi yup, her talent is still there 🙂

Dia bilang, kalau ada kesempatan lagi, dia bakal bikin update lagi ❤

Another Update!

From Yve’s IG! 

She and U. She wants meet U chan and Kana on New Year too 🙂

And of course!

Big thanks to Nisa. She helps a lot with her translation 🙂 

Thank you always! 

That’s it!

Enjoy your evening, Minna san!

Photos Sources and Credits : Sakai Ayana Official BlogYve Official IG


Seri Chan :) 

Another spazz tonight is about her.


Iwahori Seri 🙂 

She’s a model and actress. 

Dia juga istri dari Takuro, leader band rock Glay.

I’ve been following her IG for a while now.

Awalnya, saya hanya tahu sekilas soal dia karena waktu itu, lagi aktif banget googling soal band rock Jepang. 

Saya cuma tahu dia udah merit sama Takuro dan punya dua anak.

Well, makasih buat fandom Koreya saya, a.k.a JYJ boys. Saya jadi makin ngeh sama keberadaan Iwahori Seri dan akhirnya follow Instagramnya heheh

Yup, Seri san memang fans K pop juga. Terutama, sejauh yang saya tahu, dia nge fans sama Junsu dari JYJ.

Seri sudah beberapa kali berbagi foto di IG saat dia nonton konser Junsu di Jepang.

Selain Seri, Takuro pun nampaknya cukup akrab sama JYJ. Takuro pernah bertukar cd sama Junsu dan kalo ga salah, pernah juga berfoto sama ortu atau staffnya Junsu. (Nanti saya ubek lagi file fotonya ya heheh)

Selain bertukar CD, Takuro pun sempat berkolaborasi dengan member JYJ lainnya, yaitu Kim Jaejoong di album WWW dengan menciptakan satu buah lagu, berjudul Modem Beat 🙂

Jadi, engga heran pula kalau saya makin suka sama pasangan Takuro-Seri ini heheh 

Back to Iwahori Seri 🙂

Seri chan, saya lebih suka manggil dia kayak gitu,walaupun engga sopan ya ^^;;;

Tapi vibe yang dikeluarkan ibu dua anak ini, memang bikin saya jadi lebih nyman manggil dia dengan akhiran ‘chan’ dibandingkan ‘san’.

I think she’s really cheerful, cute, beautiul, easy going, and knows how to enjoy her life.

Walopun udah jadi mommy dua anak dan usianya tidak lagi terbilang muda, tapi dia masih aktif jadi model.

Seri pun engga jarang memposting foto yang berhubungan sama Glay, sebagai salah satu bentuk supportnya 🙂

Another thing! Dia ga ragu berbagi foto anak-anaknya walopun wajah mereka engga pernah diperlihatkan heheh

Jadi pasti tampak belakang atau diambil sebagian aja atau malah ditutup stiker. I understand, she wants to protect her children’s privacy and somehow, perhaps safer too for the children. You know how’s internet nowadays ugh

Her son seems like love music just like Otou san 🙂

And her daughter seems really fashionable too! I love her style.

That’s what you got if your momma is supermodel and dad is super cool rock star heheh

I think model and rock star are such an incredible combination lol 

Ga jarang juga, momma Seri play date sama anak-anaknya. She looks so cute while having same style with her daughter ❤

I feel so great to found another nice role model.

She’s a loving wife, loving mother, serious about her job, but still knows how to enjoy her private life. Her own time.

I learn a lot from her 🙂

Anyway, besides JYJ, she’s also loves EXO apparently heheh

Ah, i wonder,will someday momma U open up IG account too?

And maybe, we could see a glimpse of her children just like momma Seri does 🙂

Heheh just wait and see!

Good night all~ 

Photos Source : iwahoriseri Official IG


Angel Babies

Spazz hari ini! The Angel babies.

Angel mana yang saya maksud? The answer is The Victoria’s Secret Angels ❤

Walopun ga nge fans berat gimana gitu ya sama produknya, tapi saya suka liat fashion show nya di tv heheh uda macem fanboy kalo liat para Angel lenggak-lenggok di catwalk lol

I have favorites of course! Shall we take a look? 🙂


Behati Prinsloo ❤

She’s cute, sweet, sometimes very childlike heheh with his husband, Adam Levine, they’re one of my fave couple in the world 🙂 

And now, they have a new family addition. Baby Dusty Rose Levine 🙂 


We can’t leave Angel Candice! ❤

She and Behati has been best friends since forever i think. I love to call them soulmate. They even got pregnant in almost the same time. 

Another sweet angel, i love her photos ❤

Yup, the angel has gave birth to a son. Baby Anaca ❤

Can’t wait to see Dusty and Anaca meet 🙂


The veteran angel! 

Alessandra Ambrosio ❤

Beautiful, exotic, and charismatic angel.

I loovveeee her! 

I read somewhere that she return to runway only three months after she gave birth her first baby, Anja Louise and she wore the heaviest wings ever when she was pregnant with her second child, Noah Phoenix. 

Just wow! 

Her little angels are beautiful! Just like their Angel Momma ❤

We also can’t leave, Lily Aldridge ❤

Gorgeous angel and wonderful momma for her daughter, Dixie. 🙂

They look alike! 

Dixie is cute in her Tinker Bell costume ❤

They’re Angel on stage but also Angel in real life. ❤

Their simplicity, carefree and humble side, passion towards career and life, makes me adore them a lot! 

Wonderful women with their lovely life 🙂 

Enjoy your lovely evening, people! 


Photos Credits : behatiprinsloo IGangelcandices IGalessandraambrosio IGlilyaldridge IG


My mind went blank, so no title today lol

Recently, i’ve been thinking.

I live in multi fandoms and after all this time, in every fandom, i’ve been high and low.

Very very high and very very low.

Very caring or  simply just ignore everything.

Being blind towards my biases and being very cautious.

Being very sensitive and a bit crazy lol

Cry and laugh.

Getting angry when someone insults my biases.

Sometimes i just lose my objectivity.

And now after all these years.

I’m still a very poor fangirl lol 

Poor in everything.

Am i support them enough? I guess not that much.

Then again, now, i came to the point where i just become more rational now.

Not that blind, not so biased anymore.

This past year, i learn how to put everything in a right way.

Learn to be more objective and more honest with myself.

No longer trying so hard just to fit with my surrounding.

Now, i’m so much more comfortable when i’m being honest with myself, with my thoughts.

I’m not interested into makes people happy or being accepted inside one fandom. 

I keep thinking, what is unyielding support means?

Is that means, always support our biases no matter what?

For me, that’s not the answer and that’s what exactly i do for recent case inside my K fandom.

Some people just can’t accept that.

Another one, having exactly the same thought as me.

For those who completely understand me, i’m very grateful.

For those who have different opinion with me, it doesn’t matter. 🙂

I also in the middle of learning how to accept differences even though for some case, i still need lots of efforts to be able to keep my cool lol

So this is what i got :

I’ll continue fangirling with my own way, my own thoughts without thinking too much about other’s people opinion.

I used to think, that i need lots of friends inside the fandom but then again, now, that’s not the case.

It turns out that all i need is only couple of friends who can accept my mind with their rational minds and objective point of view.

And maybe, i’m just too tired to explain every single thing to people who just simply won’t understand.

Apparently, that’s good enough for me 🙂

And PS. Maybe after all this time, i never be a hardcore one, only a girl who’s watching from afar 🙂 

Good day all~


December 1st

Momma U akhirnya bikin update blog setelah beberapa bulan rehat 🙂

Yup, as expected, she’s busy with her children.

Ada beberapa poin yang menarik dari update blognya kali ini.

Selain ucapan terima kasih untuk semua orang yang sudah memberi komentar di blog, momma U juga ngasih sedikit update mengenai anak-anaknya ❤

Her baby girl is really healthy. She sleep well, cute and laugh a lot! Walopun si bebi memang masih sering bangun malem-malem dan efeknya, bikin momma U begadang juga kali hehe

Her baby boy, well, he seems jealous with his baby sister now heheh *tipikal kakak baru ya, kalo ada adek baru pasti jeles* 

Tapi momma U nulis, katanya anak cowoknya, berusaha keras untuk jadi Kakak yang baik 🙂

Momma U sendiri masih agak ga percaya kalo akhirnya dia bisa menjalani hari demi hari dengan dua orang anak.

Dia masih berusaha keras menjadi ibu yang baik buat dua anak kesayangannya itu.

Well, sekarang sudah bulan Desember dan momma U juga engga ketinggalan mempersiapkan pesta Natal. Dia bilang, semoga bisa bikin update lagi nanti ❤

Another interesting thing!

She shared these lovely photos!

Cute doodle from Starbucks heheh

Ini sebelum momma U lahiran anak kedua. 

Dan yang ini, setelah melahirkan heheh

Dia ngucapin terima kasih buat pegawai Sutaba yang udah bikin piku imut itu heheh

It seems now, her hair is longer too. And hey, is that another doodle behind the red cup!? 

So cute!!! The baby boy, i think.

Okay that’s it!

Can’t do the translate alone. 

Big thanks to Nisa 🙂 

She helps a lot with the translation.

Let’s wait for abother update on Xmast.

Doki-doki mode : on ❤

Thank you U, you shared a bit story about your children ^^


Photos Source : Ayana Sakai Official Blog