Bye Aya na ture

I was shocked.

This morning when i checked the homepage. is no longer exists. 😭

The page is gone now. Sobs

I immediately contacted my friend in Japan.

She was surprised too.

So i guess, it’s true that Aya na ture won’t have another new collection.

I’ve wrote here before that Bellclassic has removed all of Aya na ture’s photo collection from their website.

It seems like, perhaps, Ayana’s contract with Bellclassic is already ended and she will no longer designing wedding dress anymore 😒

Up till now, i haven’t read the official announcement about that. I wanna ask her via Nau but since she’s very busy with her children’s condition, i hesitate.

Maybe later. If she has free time. I would like to ask.

Even if she’s no longer designing wedding dress, i hope she’ll make a comeback through another project 😊

And now i’m confused.

Since the page is no longer exist, how do i put the credit for each dresses i posted here πŸ€”

Someone, please help me 😊

Thank you.

Enjoy your day πŸ™‚

Photo Credit : via Pinterest



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