Do i love coffee just because coffee is TREND!? or some kind of popular lifestyle now?

That was my friend’s question since she said she keeps seeing my IG account is full with coffee photos.

I start drinking coffee when i was in college but yeah, i always drink instant coffee.

Very sweet, with cheap price and i enjoyed that.

And then i start challenge myself to drink the black one. Still with sugar. And i found myself, okay, i love the black one now.

And i kind of level up lol

I start to drink the black one without sugar. It was hard (well, until now still very hard especially for the Arabica) but gradually, i can enjoy the taste.

The real charm of black and fresh coffee.

How the aroma of fresh coffee come out from the grinder. Oh i love that smell!!! 

Now, i can’t stand it if someone give me a cup of coffee with too much sugar on it. Or instant coffee. 

I prefer the black one with a little brown sugar for the arabica. With Robusta, i can enjoy it without any kind of sugar.

Sometimes, if i tired with black coffee, i always pick latte or Piccolo. And sometimes, i still drink the instant one.

Especially those brands that i’ve never tasted before. 🙂 

Am i a coffee lover?


But i’m still an amateur, a newbie inside the coffee world.

I’m not a professional barista or photographer. Lol 

I only found myself enjoying sipping my coffee and taking pictures with my poor attempt. Lol 

I love traditional and local coffee but also i’m very fascinated with the taste from different countries. 😍

I love coffee. Coffee takes me and guides me to a new place and new taste. 

And am i following the latest trend? 

Hm, i don’t think so! 😘

Good night and enjoy your night with a cup of coffee 😊☕☕☕

PS. Too lazy to dig some photos so i took photo from my IG lol

Night-night 😊



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