The Cardcaptor. 

One of my fave work from Clamp.

I watched Cardcaptor Sakura the anime when i was still err… Junior high? Lol or elementary school?

I don’t know. I don’t remember. 😅

But yes, i’m a fan! 

I love how sweet Sakura and Syaoran back then. 

I love Touya and Yukito. 😍

Can’t forget how sweet Tomoyo is. 

I’m still laughing every single time i see Kero or Cerberus lol 

And i love Clamp’s artwork, their way to presents the story. 

And couple days ago, i found out that a big publisher re release the manga. And so, i just bought them right away lol

So far, they released 5 volume from total 12 volume. Hm, i need to wait patiently 😅

Once i read the manga, i’m being charmed by Sakura and the gang lol arrghhh can’t wait to see the resurrection of Yue 😍

Reading the manga kind of reminiscing my memory about the anime. Slowly, i’m grasping each element, details that i forgot long time ago. 

And now i’m craving for another Clamp’s project lol 

Another thing is, finally! Detective Conan vol. 91 is out! Been long time waiting. 

Also! Agatha Christie’s Murder On The Orient Express!!! With the latest cover 😍😍😍

Just love!!! I love the cover!!! So much!!! And yes, i’ll watch the movie. Next November. Lol 


Today’s choices of my ‘little runaway’ from daily routine are….

Hazelnut milk and banana toast with brown sugar and cheese.

A childlike menu i think lol 

It’s okay! 

Once in a while. I can’t choose coffee because i’ve reached my limit today. I drunk 2 cups of coffee and i think my tummy needs a rest lol 

So i choose milk haha 

Gonna spend the evening with my childlike menu also my latest Agatha Christie’s novel 😙

Enjoy your evening all~

Cardcaptor Sakura Artwork Source :



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