Blonde Hair? Why Not? :) 

Ada beberapa update menarik yang ditulis momma U. 

About her son. He goes into some kind of ‘trouble’ time again. Not in some kind of negative way but apparently, he cries a lot. On the other side, momma U thinks that he shouldn’t now but she realized that she can’t impose her value on him.

She needs to accept his personality. She feel envy to children who lives with their parents together.

She wrote that she was growing up with Sparta parents which means, they’re very strict. And she’s already inside the showbizz since elementary school and she lived alone since she was very young. (I guess she lived in a dorm, so she’s no longer lived with her parents from that time). 

She wrote that maybe because of those things, she doesn’t understand the distinction of spoil. 

Meanwhile, her daughter seems started talking now. She says some words like ‘papa’, ‘mama’, ‘baba’, etc. 

But recently, her daughter seems remember her daddy’s nickname. Lol so she said [Tettan] which is supposedly, Tetsuya’s nickname [Tetchan] 

Awww just really cute!!! 

Also. Some old issues but recently appeared again. She read an article. Momma U got some kind of income from blogging. And she was confused about that. What kind of income? Just super ridiculous news for me. 

And of course, that is not true. 

And the latest update is she wanna change her hair color into blonde. She said she only have one life and she wants to live her life without regret. 

So her secret ambition after all this time is having blonde hair. She said she’ll do that on December this year. 

Ayana furendo just curious why she need to do that transformation on December but she hasn’t answer yet. 

Maybe there is something special in December. 


Special event? 

We (Ayana furendo) don’t know either. 

So far, i know from blog, she loves Blake Lively, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Taylor Momsen. 

I don’t know what kind of blonde color she’ll choose. Hehehe

Just wait and see. I hope she will upload her latest photo later. 🙂

Good night. 

Thanks to K-chan. She help me a lot with translation. I understand more now 🙂 

PS. Bonus photo!

I found this photo from Instagram! Old photo. James Reynolds is too cute!!!! 

Today is also Blake Lively’s birthday! 

Happy birthday 🙂 

Beautiful mama and cute daughter.

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It’s Late But

I still wanna say Otanjoubi Omedettou!!!

For Tetsuya and Ayana’s daughter 😘

The official announcement is August 6th. We never know the actual date of her birth.


I sent a birthday message for her via her momma’s Nau. And she replied! 

So happy 😁

She said even though her daughter is only one year old, but she thinks that the daughter growing up so fast and become a girl firmly. 

Hm, another updates from U chan’s Nau.

She suffered stomatitis. Some sort of inflamation inside the mouth. 

And the son loves singing with microphone and ask his daddy T to play bass lol when he’s bored, he’ll ask his daddy to sing and he, himself, play the bass. So cute!

Apparently, his favorite song from daddy T is [Make a Wish] 

Ayana wrote that her 2 years old son repeating the same lyrics over and over again inside their car. 

Also, he learn to play piano. Yes, momma U teach him too but the most enthusiast is the grandparents (i’m pretty sure Ayana’s parents) They teach him too. 

About the daughter.

She’s one years old now and her hair seems longer now, very feminine. So U chan started to shop happily lol

She bought ribbon, dress, off-white, and baby pink nuance according to her liking. She wrote that it’s only a short moment before her daughter said, ‘i don’t want this or that’ lol 

According to her Nau, her daughter just looks like her when she was really young. Very much! 

Well, we know she won’t shared photo of her children but maybe we could get a glimpse from Ayana’s baby photo.

This is Ayana when she was baby. 

Maybe more or less, she looked like her momma 😘

That’s it! 

Good night~ 

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Orient Express

I have loved Agatha Christie for a long time and yes, i’ve collected her books especially Papa Poirot cases 😙

This time i’ll write about [Murder On The Orient Express]

This is the 2017 latest cover edition in Indonesia 😍😍😍

And i super love it!!!!

The cover itself for me, is really represent the story 🙂 

Now, a bit summary. 

Setelah melakukan perjalanan di Suriah, detektif Hercule Poirot hendak bermalam di Hotel Totkalian. Namun saat sampai di hotel tersebut, Poirot mendapatkan pesan yang berisi perintah untuk membatalkan perjalanannya dan kembali ke London secepatnya.

Poirot kemudian menaiki kereta Orient Express sekalipun pada awalnya dia tidak mendapatkan tempat tidur di gerbong kelas satu.

Rupanya kereta itu begitu penuh di hari yang biasanya tidak lazim orang-orang dari berbagai negara melakukan perjalanan dengan kereta api tersebut.

Setelah mendapat bantuan dari temannya yang juga merupakan petinggi di kereta api, Monsieur Buoc, Poirot pun berhasil mendapatkan kamar di gerbong kelas 1. 

Gerbong yang penuh, penumpang yang terdiri dari berbagai warga negara, membangkitkan minat Poirot untuk mengamati mereka satu per satu. 

Sesaat setelah makan malam, seorang lelaki bernama Ratchett mendatangi Poirot dan tanpa ragu meminta bantuan  detektif terkenal itu untuk melindungi dirinya dari seseorang yang bermaksud membunuhnya. 

Orang tersebut sudah beberapa kali mengirimkan ancaman serupa dan Ratchett merasa khawatir akan keselamatan dirinya. Namun tanpa diduga, Poirot langsung menolak permintaan Ratchett karena intuisinya mengatakan bahwa Ratchett bukanlah seseorang yang patut dilindungi.

Di malam yang sama, saat Poirot baru saja tertidur, dia mendengar kegaduhan dari dalam ruang tidur yang ditempati Ratchett yang memang berada tepat di sebelah kamar Poirot.

Namun setelah beberapa saat, kegaduhan itu teratasi. Saat Poirot mengintip dari balik pintu, sekilas dia melihat seorang wanita tengah berjalan di ujung lorong dengan mengenakan kimono tidur bergambar naga. 

Walaupun merasa heran namun Poirot kembali meneruskan tidurnya. Keesokan harinya, detektif Belgia itu menyadari bahwa kereta api yang ditumpanginya terhenti karena terhalang timbunan salju.

Hal itu menimbulkan rasa cemas dan kesal dalam diri para penumpang karena mereka bisa tertahan hingga berhari-hari lamanya tanpa bisa mengirim telegram pada orang yang menanti mereka di tempat tujuan masing-masing.

Namun ternyata selain timbunan salju, ada hal lain yang lebih besar yang menanti para penumpang termasuk Poirot. 

Ratchett tewas terbunuh di kamarnya. Ada dua belas luka tusuk yang berhasil diidentifikasi oleh seorang dokter asal Yunani yang juga turut serta di dalam kereta.

Luka tusuk tersebut tampak tidak konsisten karena sebagian menusuk begitu dalam dan kuat namun beberapa tampak begitu dangkal dan lemah.

Penyelidikan Poirot pun dimulai dengan memanggil para saksi yaitu penumpang, satu per satu untuk diinterogasi.

Poirot juga memeriksa kamar serta bawaan mereka. 

Setelah serangkaian penyelidikan, interogasi, pengunpulan fakta dan bukti, tabir pembunuh Ratchett pun terkuak.

Well, i won’t spill the spoiler here 😜

I’ll let you enjoying the ride on the Orient Express all by yourself. Lol

Hm, talking about the ending and the plot. The plot made me confused and i just can’t get the right culprit lol 

Even though i’ve been reading this book long time before but i completely forgot the whole stories lol 

I only remember vaguely about a man named Kol. Arbuthnot and the woman in dragon kimono 😅

And yes, i was surprised when i found out the real culprit!!!

It’s just that yes, i went through almost perfect, full of tragedy drama with Papa Poirot. 

A miserable stories when everything camr up to the surface. 

But seriously, even though Ratchett is an evil but that doesn’t mean his killer should set free right? 

I just thougt that for whatever reason, killing someone brutally is not the right thing. 

So i feel really upset somehow when i read the ending. 

That’s my thought.

Dannn bulan November mendatang, Murder On The Orient Express akan dirilis dalam bentuk film 😀

Film ini dibintangi oleh Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley, Kenneth Branagh, Michelle Pfeiffer, Judy Dench, dll.

Hm, kalau filmnya rilis, saya engga akan melewatkan untuk menonton. It’s a must!!!!

We’ll see 🙂 

Okay, good day people!!