Well, yesterday.

Momma U celebrated Halloween as well and she updated her blog after a loooonggggg time lol 

No costume only Halloween party at home with Halloween dinner.

Look at this pizza. I wanna eat that ❤

And she wanna write another blog’s update but since she wanna shares some serious topic, so she’ll make it on A member only post. 

And November 1st is her blog anniversary.

She started using Ameba blog since November 2010. 

7 years full with delicious meal, bread, sweets photo. 

Hm, only 6 days left for Nau.

We need to say good bye soon T_T 

I wonder, what will she writes as her last Nau. 

Recently. Ayana forgot her bestfriend birthday. I think it was Yve’s birthday. Since Ayana wrote ‘Ma-chan’ real name of Yve is Mami. So yeah. 

She’s in deep regret.

I can’t remember another updates lol sorry.

This is her latest photo. It seems her son took photo of her too but not this one. Please check her blog of you’re curious. 

Happy blog annyversary U! 

I’m looking forward for your update. 

Enjoy your day Minna~

Photos Source : ameblo.jp/ayana-sakai/


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