They Got The Point

Kasus Harvey Weinstein dan Nick Carter masih berputar.

Well dua kasus itu kembali mengingatkan saya sama kasus Park Yoo Chun. 

Harvey is a j**k. Totally. I don’t know how many another Harvey out there. But i wish more and more peole will speak out. 

Women and Men. 

Nick. He was my fave when i was still teen. Honestly i was really shocked when i read his latest news. 

I don’t know him. I lost track of him since long time ago. But when the news broke. Well another dissappointment for me. 


And since he has lots of fangirls just like *cough cough* PYC, lots of people defends him. 

I’m not one of them. 

My support is for the survivor. 🙂 

And i got these tweets with a very clear messages to shared.

You got it? 🙂 

Bye all~ 

Thanks to Nikita Gill and Mohammed Saleh 🙂 


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