Two days ago she posted this photo.

And again, i feel like, huh? Who is she? πŸ˜… and then after a while, i just remember that she’s U chanπŸ˜…


Nothing’s wrong with her. It’s just i feel like it’s been thousand’s years since i saw her last selca haha

So whenever i see her selca on Instagram, i feel amazed haha

She has that Mama aura now 😍

And other thing that amazed me is she’s also replying comments on IG.


I think it’s unsual for public figure replying their Instagram comments. Dunno but i rarely see those stars reply something like that. Unless if it’s a message or comment from their friends.

But i feel she’s very nice! She gives us some feedback. I feel nostalgic when i read her answer on Instagram.

I feel like we are back to Nau days 😊 she often gives Ayana Furendo short answer or even rambling randomly. That is fun.

I feel like we are really communicate through Instagram.

Aandddd i got a fact today. Through her answer.

Ayana once posted this photo on her blog.

She said it’s her car and the UK logo is really expensive.

She said it’s a Mini Cooper! Wow. Finally i got the answer about her car haha

Now she’s using different car. A long car since she’s driving with her children. Yes of course, her children sit on the back seat. Safety is number 1!

Maybe she’s using a family car? πŸ€”

Yeah, who knows.

I’m too sleepy to write another fun fact so i will stop now lol

Bye everyone. Good night.

Photos Sources : u.0615 +


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