Thank You

Saya baru baca pengumuman ini. sudah resmi berakhir. 😭

No more updates, no more news, photos, translations. The admin has already say goodbye. 

Sumpah, rasanya sedih banget. itu salah satu andalan saya banget banget banget kalo menyangkut update JYJ.

Pengen mewek rasanya. Soalnya saya belum nemu lagi web yang kredibel menyangkut JYJ selain

I wish i could found another one. 

Rasanya dunia fandom makin sepi saat situs andalan atau temen fangirl satu demi satu mulai mundur.

But i do understand that we have another responsibilities and important thing other than fandom. 

Saya nemu sekitar tahun 2012 an dan mulai rajin mengikuti blog mereka sejak saat itu. 

Rajin buka-buka setiap artikel, karena saat itu, saya udah jauh tertinggal soal berita JYJ. 

Kalau kalian juga mengikuti, mungkin kalian masih ingat kalau beberapa waktu lalu, selain Mia, Rilanna, admin juga sempat mengumumkan bahwa dia udah ga bisa lagi menghandle blog JYJ3 karena satu dan lain hal namun pada akhirnya, Rilanna memutuskan untuk tetap meneruskan

Hingga akhirnya pengumuman terakhir muncul. 😢

Finally. We need to say goodbye to the admin. 

Thank you so much for everything you do, dearest Admin and team. 

Thank you so so so much!!!! 

I’m grateful that the admin will still keep all the updates on the blog as archive. 😊

But still, i’m so sad right now 😢

Bye all.

PS. Kalau ada yang tahu fansite lain selain yang selalu update soal JYJ, kasih tau saya ya. Silakan tulis di kolom komentar. Makasih 😊





I saw this cute Brown running around lol

He tried to say hello to the group of Santa~

I’m laughing when i see him running like that. 

Too cute 😍

PS. I just finished watching Big Little Lies 😊

Yes, a good TV series i think. I’m still curious about the book anyway. 

Also, i wanna watch Poirot TV series. There are 13 season, right? 


But i can’t wait to watch them 😁


Good night~ 

Enjoy your Eve… 

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Disneyland ❤

I’m back!!! 

I just watched Star Wars : The Last Jedi.

I’m pretty satisfied with the movie.


I got these cute photos on my timeline lol

Someone is certainly having fun at Tokyo Disneyland! 

He’s having  fun kissing Minnie lol

Do you wanna meet your real Minnie? 

Go find her ASAP.

PS. Yang bikin excited itu, JJ berfoto di tempat yang sama dengan foto yang dibagi Ayana di blog pas dia cerita soal Disneyland. (Blognya dikunci jadi saya engga bisa sharing di sini heheh) 

Pohon Natal gede itu highlight nya Tokyo Disneyland mungkin ya 😀

Bye all~ 

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No No No

Jaejoong’s latest update on his official IG.

No caption. No explanation so maybe some of fans are confused.

Personally,i don’t think too much or too far.

Just simply, he’s being Jaejoong.

Well i don’t know how to explain that very well ^^;;;

If i could give him an advice, maybe it’s not really right to share those photo without explanation about what is going on with him.

Fans are yes, confused, worried, some of them are sad, some of them are going to continue to support him, giving him encouragement despite what has happened to him.

And some of them, just referring to Yoochun’s marriage news. Which is still not that clear. ^^;;

Then i read his bio. 

[World Peace JJ]

Sweetheart, i think, you just broke that world peace between your fans with that No No words 🙂 

Insert some caption or something like that.

You don’t wanna your fans worried or confused, right?  🙂

As they keep flooding your IG with lots of comments.

And i suggest, everyone just stay calm. I know some of you are worried but i think he’s going to be okay. No matter what.

That’s it. 

Enjoy your evening~

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Congratulation! BTW :)

So i’m done laughing. 


Yup. Seriously, it’s the very first time i laugh at fandom news related to wedding thing lol

Usually, at first, of course, i’m surprised after that, i feel happy for the couple.

Except, yeah when Riidaa sama really broke my heart when he annouced his wedding. ^^;;;;;

Btw, i won’t explain any further why i keep laughing when i read the news. XD

Who is couple of the day?

Yup, Park Yoo Chun and a girl named Hwang Hana? 

Am i right? 

Wow, Yoochun became the first member of JYJ to get married.

Congratulations, of course! 

He’s going to have a new chapter inside his life and i i wish he could lead a happy life with her and having daughter someday. 

He always wants a daughter 🙂 

No photo tonight. Sorry, i’m being lazy digging up some photos and no details about his wedding news. Again, i’m being lazy :p

Jaejoong and Junsu won’t miss his wedding, i think. I don’t know about Yunho and Changmin. 

We’ll wait and see 🙂

Good night all~


Kim Jun Su

Mari, intip beberapa event fashion favorit saya dari Kim Jun Su 🙂

Black and black outfit is a must!

Well, kebanyakan foto yang saya pilih hari ini didominasi outfit berwarna gelap lol

Tapi rambut Junsu bikin cling-cling heheh

Love his short and his hair lol looks like cotton candy.

Sorry, i can’t remember each of the event now ^^;;;

Only a brief update lol

Have a good day, all~

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Park Yoo Chun

Is it too early to write something here? Lol

Just curious coz now, i’m in the middle of testing our new wifi inside the office lol 

So here we go!

Another spazz.

This time, Park Yoo Chun.

I choose my fave style of him from some of Awards ceremony.

I love his suit’s pattern here~

And his hair is a bit longer too

This one is nice too 

Black and black combo

That’s it! 

Pengennya sih update spazz dua hari sekali atau kalau bisa setiap hari 🙂 

Next : Kim Jun Su ❤

Good day all~

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