Disneyland ❤

I’m back!!! 

I just watched Star Wars : The Last Jedi.

I’m pretty satisfied with the movie.


I got these cute photos on my timeline lol

Someone is certainly having fun at Tokyo Disneyland! 

He’s having  fun kissing Minnie lol

Do you wanna meet your real Minnie? 

Go find her ASAP.

PS. Yang bikin excited itu, JJ berfoto di tempat yang sama dengan foto yang dibagi Ayana di blog pas dia cerita soal Disneyland. (Blognya dikunci jadi saya engga bisa sharing di sini heheh) 

Pohon Natal gede itu highlight nya Tokyo Disneyland mungkin ya 😀

Bye all~ 

Photos Credit : jj_1986_jj


Kim Jun Su

Mari, intip beberapa event fashion favorit saya dari Kim Jun Su 🙂

Black and black outfit is a must!

Well, kebanyakan foto yang saya pilih hari ini didominasi outfit berwarna gelap lol

Tapi rambut Junsu bikin cling-cling heheh

Love his short and his hair lol looks like cotton candy.

Sorry, i can’t remember each of the event now ^^;;;

Only a brief update lol

Have a good day, all~

Photos Credits : as tagged, OSEN, Star News

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I See Him

I had dream couple days ago. 

Yes, Him, The Leader 🙂 

I’m not quite sure what was the dream about but one thing for sure is he’s super happy ❤

He appeared on his 98/99 looks. With red hair, Buffalo shoes, short, T shirt. Kinda wowing me to be able to see him like that.

He’s adorable as usual, super dorky, moving around a lot *nope, he’s not on stage. Dunno, just on his free time, he laugh a lot*

He play some silly game and trick with me and that makes me a bit upset haha but to see him laughing so happy, just melt my heart ❤

And then he really appeared on his latest update on LINE. 


Super rare to see him appear on his blog or even IG.

So really grateful and of course, super happy 🙂 

He looks so cool there! Wearing his Dsquared T shirt. Yeah, he’s still very much in love with that brand 🙂 

He’s going to release his latest single. [Time Goes On] and [ Make A Wish]

And to hear his own version of Time Goes On, keep making me teary. His voice, his music. He touch my heart.

Good luck for your latest project, Riidaa sama 🙂

And omedettou for the birth of your daughter ❤

Father of two. Wow. He’s going to be a great and super cute daddy, I’m sure 😀 

That’s it.

Good night. 

PS. Can I have another dream with a rock star tonight, please? Hehe


Photo Source and Credit : LINE Blog TETSUYA


No Smile At All

He’s busy with his LIVE tour.

And he shared this photo.


No smile at all. I kinda see ‘hard’ face, yes, of course it’s hard to smile these days for him.

Perhaps he thinks about Chun, his live tour, or another thing?

His eyes, looks tired, there’s no sparkle.

His airport fashion.


I thought,’wow he appeared with neat style?’

And then I saw his ripped jeans and I laugh, oh, I love his style today ❤


Another cool car is also appeared ❤


Good luck for your LIVE in Japan, baby Su 🙂

Good night all~

Photos Credits : Junsu’s Official IG, tvreport, Newsen

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You know what?

The most difficult thing is try so hard to write about something while your feeling is completely full with mixed emotion heheh

That’s what I feel about this man ❤



Maybe scream or try to pour my feelings through words will never enough to describe my heart and tought towards him 🙂

I just loveeeeeeee him ❤

He's so irresistible ❤

With make up or without ❤


So excited while waiting his latest work.

Musical Dorian Grey *and I wanna read the book*

And of course! His 4th album!!!!!!

Finally after 10 years, he’s back to Prague ❤


A sudden question :

Is he with Hani? Heheh

I just thought that if that really happened, they would have beautiful date .<

Last rambling

Junsu's airport style ❤


He’s in blue ❤

With dark shades and dark hair ❤


Can’t stop kyaaaing right now lol

So sorry with my random fangirling and thought heheh


so the teaser is out!

Check check check!


Kinda reminds me of his Death and L character from his musical.

Let’s wait for the MV 🙂

Good day all~

Photos Credits : cjes.tagram, JYJ Official Facebook, Junsu’s Official IG, Newsen.com
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Scents of Spring

From The Girl Who Can Sees Scents press conference ❤


Park Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung ❤

Both of them, so so so lovely ❤

Looksnya, wardrobe, interaksi mereka sepanjang press conference dan video promo.

Chun udah mulai nyaman keknya deket-deket Se Kyung. Dia sering banget ketawa dan ekspresinya selalu terlihat cerah ❤

Drama yang tepat untuk menyambut musim semi ^^

Good luck The Girl Who Sees Scents!!!! Night-night all~

Photo Source : OSEN

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Get Ready!!!


Untuk apa? *drum rolls*

JYJ Dome Concert 2014!!!! ^o^

Berita resminya baru saja keluar beberapa jam yang lalu.


Akhirnya, C-JES merilis official statement bahwa JYJ akan menggelar live di beberapa kota besar di Jepang

Tur Jepang JYJ akan dimulai bulan November hingga Desember 2014.

Satu hal lagi yang juga engga kalah penting!

JYJ juga akan merilis SINGLE baru!!! ❤

But, seriously, i’m completely happy, our boys will be together again meeting their fans ❤

Konser Dome mereka kali ini, bertajuk ichigo ichie, yang bisa berarti ‘Once in Lifetime Meeting’. Tajuk live yang pas untuk tur mereka kali ini ❤

Ada juga penjabaran lain yang menarik dari ‘Ichigo, Ichie’ ini 🙂


Good luck, boys!!!

PS. Berharap ChunJae menyanyikan kembali Colors, Melody and Harmony ❤

I need Chun and Jae, two of them, on stage, singing together, just like melody and harmony

Video Credit : hyungopa
News and Translation Credits : JYJ3

Night-night all~