I See Him

I had dream couple days ago. 

Yes, Him, The Leader 🙂 

I’m not quite sure what was the dream about but one thing for sure is he’s super happy ❤

He appeared on his 98/99 looks. With red hair, Buffalo shoes, short, T shirt. Kinda wowing me to be able to see him like that.

He’s adorable as usual, super dorky, moving around a lot *nope, he’s not on stage. Dunno, just on his free time, he laugh a lot*

He play some silly game and trick with me and that makes me a bit upset haha but to see him laughing so happy, just melt my heart ❤

And then he really appeared on his latest update on LINE. 


Super rare to see him appear on his blog or even IG.

So really grateful and of course, super happy 🙂 

He looks so cool there! Wearing his Dsquared T shirt. Yeah, he’s still very much in love with that brand 🙂 

He’s going to release his latest single. [Time Goes On] and [ Make A Wish]

And to hear his own version of Time Goes On, keep making me teary. His voice, his music. He touch my heart.

Good luck for your latest project, Riidaa sama 🙂

And omedettou for the birth of your daughter ❤

Father of two. Wow. He’s going to be a great and super cute daddy, I’m sure 😀 

That’s it.

Good night. 

PS. Can I have another dream with a rock star tonight, please? Hehe


Photo Source and Credit : LINE Blog TETSUYA