Summer has just begun!!! 😊

Shall we catching up some of the updates?


From momma U’s Nau.

She bought hydrangea seeds and it seems the hydrangea grow up well. 

White hydrangea like this photo. ( this one is from her old blog) 

And she wrote that right now, Montessori education is really popular in Japan. 

If you want to know about Montessori education, please check this Montessori Education

Apparently, Momma U is also attended a Montessori school when she was in kindergarten.

She went into kindergarten earlier than her friends. She spend three years there. She said she loves makes steamed bread. (Now we know, she has interest on bread since she was really young ne) 

She’s also now a bit struggling to decide which kindergarten that suitable for her son. Yes. The banana prince is ready to enter kindergarten next year.

She does some kind of skinship strenghten week. Hm, i have no idea about that but she wrote that is for her children. They keep stick together. I think that is also for strengthten the bond between parents and their children.

There are times where she plays tag game at home with her children. She chase them (her daughter is crawling) and the one who get caught, will receive punishment. What kind of punishment? Tickle punishment. Lol

She goes out every morning with her son. They take a walk or ride the bus to do some errands. She said (perhaps because now is summer and the weather is hot) lots of changing clothes and lots of washing. 

I forgot another updates 😅

And then, from Tetsuya-sama.

I loveeeee this photo! 

I love his casual style. So simple! 😍😍😍

And of course! He’s supa hansamu lol

He’s going to release 15th anniversary live blue-ray and dvd and live photobook too.

Hm, what else!? 


Recently, i watched ‘Britney Ever After’ and now, i’m addicted to Britney all over again. Lol

Kind od Britney fever haha

I’m listening her music and watching her MVs.

Oh, a very hot news too.

I read that on Twitter this morning.

Congratulations! SongSong couple!

Song Hye Gyo and Song Joong Ki.

I’m not their fans. I also never watch Descendants of The Sun but yeah, i feel happy for them. They have lots of shippers, right?

Now, their fave OTP became real. Congrats! 

Okay. That’s it. 

Good night. Zzzz

Photos Sources : (no longer exist now), @TETSUYA_STAFF




Taqoballalohu minna wa minkum. Syiamana wa syiamakum.

Minal aidzin wal faidzin.

Happy Eid Mubarak all 😄

Please forgive my mistakes, my stupid rambling, my terrible grammar, my weird thoughts.

Well actually yesterday was birthday 😊

No cake but i got this sweet treats.

So i will consider it as birthday treat lol


Today my baby sister sent a birthday video message.

And i got teary eyes while watching it.

Thank you! I will always feel grateful to you 😘

And talking about birth thing.

I just happened to know that my birth stone is Alexandrite. 

A unique stone. Alexandrite will reflect different colors depends on the light. 😘

I also found this from Pinterest.

Birth flower 🌹🌹🌹

My birth flower is Rose. 🌹

You can find yours too 😊

Altough a bit late but i wanna say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME! 🎊🎉🎈

I love you so! 

Let’s fight to become a better person 😉

I won’t give up about my dream, my ultimate goal!

I won’t give up and i will fight hard!

Let’s continue surviving our own battle.

Happy birthday! 

PS. Yve updated her Instagram today.

She met U chan and having lunch 😙

They’re so beautiful! 

Good day all~


Photos sources : Yve Official Instagram+Pinterest


Happy Sunday 😙


This morning, Mama U shared lots of cute stories related to her son. 😍

It seems like her son is really caring.

When mama U wear a dress, he will say, ‘ Mama is cute’ 

When raining, ‘Mama, please be careful not to use the car, because it’s raining!’

Or  “Mommy, did you have tea?” 

Did you have an apron? 

Do not you forget it? 

U chan said her son grew up rapidly.

Another story is when her son wanna go down the stairs alone by himself. While paying attention to her son, U chan is the one who slid down the stairs lol

Her son is more cautious now, he said, ‘today, please be careful with the stairs, Mama’ 😆

Awwww he melted my heart! 

He’s so so so affectionate! 😍😍😍

I wanna hear more about him and his sister ☺

Oh it seems like, today is Father’s day in Japan.

U chan wrote that they will have sukiyaki this evening. She also bought sunflower ( sunflower is for Father’s day and carnation is for mother’s day) and cake.

Aww of course! We never forget the head of the family.

Happy father’s day Papa Tetsuya 😘🌻🌻🌻

Thank you so much Mama U! For sharing lovely stories 😘😘😘

Have a wonderful Sunday, Minna~

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Back to Back Part 1 has gone but i’m grateful that i keep some of screenshots when the site was still exist. 🙂

These screenshots are from the very first site before the staff made another one.

From First collection to 12th collection 😘

So here we go, back to back episode 1 😊

First Collection ❤

Second Collection❤

Third Collection❤

Fourth Collection❤

Awww such a memories 🙂

Cute dresses for the young bride heheh dunno but when i stared at the collection, i got the impression that those dresses are really suitable for young bride.

Well i think that’s because of the concept itself. Young and Cute. Also, Ayana was still in her 20 at that time (i don’t mean that her latest collection is somehow for the older one but i got the image that besides young and cute her design is also elevating into mature one)

What do you think? 😊

Then, good night😪

Images Source : aya na


Bye Aya na ture

I was shocked.

This morning when i checked the homepage. is no longer exists. 😭

The page is gone now. Sobs

I immediately contacted my friend in Japan.

She was surprised too.

So i guess, it’s true that Aya na ture won’t have another new collection.

I’ve wrote here before that Bellclassic has removed all of Aya na ture’s photo collection from their website.

It seems like, perhaps, Ayana’s contract with Bellclassic is already ended and she will no longer designing wedding dress anymore 😢

Up till now, i haven’t read the official announcement about that. I wanna ask her via Nau but since she’s very busy with her children’s condition, i hesitate.

Maybe later. If she has free time. I would like to ask.

Even if she’s no longer designing wedding dress, i hope she’ll make a comeback through another project 😊

And now i’m confused.

Since the page is no longer exist, how do i put the credit for each dresses i posted here 🤔

Someone, please help me 😊

Thank you.

Enjoy your day 🙂

Photo Credit : via Pinterest


June Already!?

Seriously, June already!????

Where have i been all this time? Lol 

So finally, my phone just stopped working properly. Again, i lost my data including the latest photo when i was in Jogja *sobs*

Since they already gone so i guess i need to move on. 😜

I just realized that i’m not that blue and shocked when i lost my files for the second time. It’s just that i finally just accepted the fact that my old phone is no longer working. 

Old phone is gone and i got the new one *yeay* 😙😙😙

Okay, done with my rambling XD

Eh it’s been long time since the last i wrote here too, right.

I’ve been thinking to delete this blog but i still have a feeling that i’d like to return and write here about everything.


Hm, updates from kaa chan U after long long long time.

She said thank you for Ayanafurendo birthday message. She would like to reply the message but she can’t do that right now.

Actually, she’s been very hectic because her children are sick.

She wrote that her daughter has high fever,  40° and she vomit 7 times at midnight. 

She also remember the time when her daughter was hospitalized only a month after she was born. 

And today she also wrote that her son is also sick. Another high fever and another 40° 

Another round without too much sleep for her, i guess. But i’m sure, she will make it and go through that hectic period. 🙂

A little happiness for her is someone who’s working at Starbucks who always cheer her up and also recently, she met Yve, they ate pancake together ❤

Yve shared that moment on her Instagram.

I feel relieved when i see that photo.

Ayana seems fine and her smile is really beautiful. 🙂

I’m glad.

That’s it!

Good night all~

Photo Source and Credit : Yve Official Instagram


11 Minutes Only 

The Critical Eleven, novel karya Ika Natassa yang kemudian juga turut diangkat ke layar lebar.

Beberapa hari yang lalu, saya juga nonton film yang sudah banyak dinanti para penggemar karya mbak Ika ini. 

Well, saya baru beli buku Critical Eleven ini hanya beberapa hari sebelum filmnya mulai tayang di bioskop tanah air hehe.

Saya agak ngebut baca novelnya and i love it! 

Saya suka banget karakter-karakter di dalam buku itu.

Alur ceritanya sudah mulai bisa saya bayangkan jika diangkat ke layar lebar. Plus endingnya yang buat saya, endesssss banget!!!! Hehe

Pas banget untuk scene penutup di film. 🙂 

Here it is, a bit summary of Critical Eleven.

Ale dan Anya bertemu di dalam pesawat dalam perjalanan mereka menuju Sydney. Singkat cerita, mereka akhirnya jadi deket, jadian, dan menikah.

They have a ‘perfect’ and happy life. Pernikahan yang bahagia, karir yang mapan, ditambah akhirnya kehadiran calon bayi laki-laki mereka, Aidan.

Tapi tidak selamanya segala sesuatu akan sesuai bayangan kita. Ada hal-hal tak terduga yang kadang menghampiri kita. Baik itu hal yang menambah bahagia atau mungkin hal yang justru merenggut kebahagiaan kita.

Itu pula yang akhirnya menimpa Ale dan Anya. Hal yang akhirnya membuat dunia sempurna dan bahagia mereka berjungkir-balik. 

They’re struggling and they fight real hard to be able to survive and bring back their happy life. 🙂 

No spoiler from me lol sorry! 

Okay! Done with the book, let’s take a look at the movie.

The truth is i didn’t fall in love immediately with the movie. 

Di scene-scene awal terutama. Adegan yang saya gadang-gadangkan untuk ditonton adalah scene pertemuan Ale dan Anya di dalam pesawat.

Tidak bermaksud membandingkan namun saya jauh lebih cinta pertemuan awal mereka di dalam buku. So sweet, simple, pas pokoknya! 

Agak sulit rasanya membuat diri saya sendiri untuk tetap fokus mengikuti adegan-adegan awal antara Ale dan Anya. 

It’s not that i hate their romanticism but it’s just simply. I’m not enjoying them that much 🙂 

Saya justru tergugah dan amat sangat intens mengikuti jalan cerita serta kualitas akting Adinia Wirasti dan juga Reza Rahardian saat krisis mulai menimpa keluarga kecil mereka.

So intense, deep, and very emotional.

I love how Adinia Wirasti portraying Anya in the movie. ❤

In book, i’m Ale’s team. In the movie, thanks to Ms. Wirasti, i’m falling in love completely with Anya! 

With her determination, struggles, happiness, strength. 

As for Ale, somehow, i miss the Ale, a coffee lover, great barista, also so crazy about kacang atom lol 

Bukan berarti, saya mempermasalahkan akting atau cara Reza menyajikan Ale. Hanya, somehow, saya kehilangan beberapa elemen Ale yang justru sepanjang saya membaca bukunya, saya bayangkan, bahwa Reza is a perfect fit for that role. 

Anyway! Hal lain yang saya tangkap dari film ini adalah, sekalipun menyajikan banyak elemen romantis, lovey-dovey nya Anya-Ale tapi sebetulnya bukan melulu romance!

Hal yang amat menyentuh dan menggugah hati saya adalah, tekad Ale dan Anya untuk mempertahankan kebahagiaan mereka.

They’re amazing persons, and no matter what, they’re willing to try. 

They get back at their feet when the world is crumble around them. They’re almost losing hope, they feel sadness, they experience deep grief.

But once again, Ale and Anya just never give up. Even if one of them is so desperately losing sight.

They work hard and do their best! Mereka menghadapi persoalan dan saling menguatkan. Mereka berhenti berlari dan tidak lagi saling menghindar.

Dengan cara itulah, meskipun sulit dan sakit, Ale dan Anya berhasil menemukan dan membangun kebahagiaan mereka kembali. Bahkan, mereka juga mendapatkan hadiah lain dari kehidupan 🙂 

I’m satisfied with the ending. 🙂 

Are you curious now?

Go to closest cinema and enjoy this movie! 

Good day all~

Photo Source : Adinia Wirasti Official IG