Hoodie Cwang!

Only two days left before his birthday!!!! 😘😘😘


I’m in the mood to spam some of Changmin’s airport fashion. Yup. My faves photos of him!!!

Changminnie with his beanie~~~

Hot in red~

Another grey-black coordi.

I just love this photo. 😆 his face from this angle! Exactly.

Changmin’s face + sunshine = heaven 😍

Anyway, yesterday i wacthed his performance ‘More Than Word’.

Well the title really represent my feelings whenever i see him. More than words. Lol

I can’t stop squeeeeeee.

Over his sweet voice.

Over his baby face. Yup. OMO. He looks exactly like when he was still very young!!!

I hope he will play guitar more. 😘

Here it is the video :

Changmin – More Than Words

I’m still very much addicted to that video lol

Enjoy your evening!

I’m gonna enjoying my zumba class now~


Photos Credits : Chu Bee, Gmmy, tvxqevent.com, togethertvxq.com

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Kim Jun Su

Mari, intip beberapa event fashion favorit saya dari Kim Jun Su 🙂

Black and black outfit is a must!

Well, kebanyakan foto yang saya pilih hari ini didominasi outfit berwarna gelap lol

Tapi rambut Junsu bikin cling-cling heheh

Love his short and his hair lol looks like cotton candy.

Sorry, i can’t remember each of the event now ^^;;;

Only a brief update lol

Have a good day, all~

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Hello, i’m back lol

Suffering with toothache right now ugh, what a lovely day for the very first month in new year haha

Well, while waiting for my appointment with the dentist, let’s pour some spazz today 🙂

U Chan’s favorite style and selca 🙂

Her style is always so cute! Especially when she was still very active as a model for fashion magazine, Ray ❤


I love her hat here and her pose lol, look at her usagi teeth heheh so cute!!!

The LADY earring.NICE! 

And i also love her pouty lips in this photo ❤

The rabbit and the one who’s holding it, both are cute!!!

She took photo in front of her CM billboard for Ray Magazine. She was so happy ❤

And i love her long coat and jeans ❤

Last! Her fashion for spring!

Love her coat so much! 

That’s all.

Next! Another spazz lol

I try to fill this blog with lots of new posts heheh

Okay, wish me luck with my visit to the dentist.

Ugh, just got a bit nervous now >.<

Bye all~

Photos Credit and Source : AYANAVI.jp


No Smile At All

He’s busy with his LIVE tour.

And he shared this photo.


No smile at all. I kinda see ‘hard’ face, yes, of course it’s hard to smile these days for him.

Perhaps he thinks about Chun, his live tour, or another thing?

His eyes, looks tired, there’s no sparkle.

His airport fashion.


I thought,’wow he appeared with neat style?’

And then I saw his ripped jeans and I laugh, oh, I love his style today ❤


Another cool car is also appeared ❤


Good luck for your LIVE in Japan, baby Su 🙂

Good night all~

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You know what?

The most difficult thing is try so hard to write about something while your feeling is completely full with mixed emotion heheh

That’s what I feel about this man ❤



Maybe scream or try to pour my feelings through words will never enough to describe my heart and tought towards him 🙂

I just loveeeeeeee him ❤

He's so irresistible ❤

With make up or without ❤


So excited while waiting his latest work.

Musical Dorian Grey *and I wanna read the book*

And of course! His 4th album!!!!!!

Finally after 10 years, he’s back to Prague ❤


A sudden question :

Is he with Hani? Heheh

I just thought that if that really happened, they would have beautiful date .<

Last rambling

Junsu's airport style ❤


He’s in blue ❤

With dark shades and dark hair ❤


Can’t stop kyaaaing right now lol

So sorry with my random fangirling and thought heheh


so the teaser is out!

Check check check!


Kinda reminds me of his Death and L character from his musical.

Let’s wait for the MV 🙂

Good day all~

Photos Credits : cjes.tagram, JYJ Official Facebook, Junsu’s Official IG, Newsen.com
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U And Glasses

Masih lanjut spazzing malam ini XD

Sekarang, giliran U chan ❤

Tema malam ini, udah jelas banget dari judul blog di atas ^^

U chan with glasses ❤


She’s so cute~


Her favorite brand is Chrome Hearts, familiar, everyone? XD


U chan pake salah satu ‘eye cat’ dari merk ‘Chuuuuuch!?’ kaca mata ini istimewa karena sahabat U chan, Yve lah yang desain.

Saat Ayana liat kacamata ini, dia langsung hebring pesen sama Yve hehe


My favorite photos ❤


24 Juli 2013 (2)

From Tetsugaku 1, Leader said, he loves a girl who looks good in glasses.

Well, now, he finally found her ❤

Btw, the husband is also looks really good in glasses ❤



What do you think? ^^


He’s ready to rockin’ The Contdown Japan 15/16 ❤

Love his new photo ❤


Good night all~

Photos Credits : AYANAVI.jp, ameba.jp/ayana-sakai, TETSUYA LINE
(Leader’s Photos : as usual, when i forgot the source, i didn’t mean to omit the credits. Please let me know if you know the original uploader. Thank you ^^)


What’s Wrong With UGG?

Cuma penasaran, ada apa sih sama sepatu/sandal/boots merk UGG?

Soalnya, setiap kali denger pendapat orang-orang, pasti rata-rata mereka pada ga suka merk satu ini o.O

Saya sendiri, karena belum pernah melihat langsung apalagi pake, bermodal liat via piku-piku di internet, kayaknya, asik-asik aja sama merk satu itu heheh *apalagi yang warna pink, so cute~*

Bicara soal UGG, beberapa orang favorit saya, juga ternyata UGG lovers ❤

Siapa saja mereka?

Here we go!

1. Tetsuya Ogawa. Ga heran, Leader fanboy UGG, di salah satu acara radionya, Leader pernah ngomong kalo pas winter, dia borong banyak banget produk UGG ❤


Sayang, ga pernah nemu piku Leader lagi pake UGG favoritnya >_<

2. Sakai Ayana. *satu paket sang sang suami XD* U-chan juga suka sama UGG, dia sharing hal itu di blognya. She wears black UGG


3. Suri Cruise. Anaknya papa Tom ini, juga sering terlihat memakai UGG. Seriously, she’s very cute with pink UGG ❤

Picture 367 (2)

4. Terakhir! Park Yoochun. Another fanboy of UGG heheh. Dalam beberapa interview, Chun mengungkap bahwa saat winter tiba, dia suka mengenakan sesuatu yang praktis dan mudah dipakai/dilepas. Salah satunya, UGG ini.


So, what do you think?

UGG is completely fine with me 🙂

Ada yang mo nyumbang UGG buat saya? XD

Good night all~

Photo Source : ameblo.jp/ayana-sakai, immaschool Benni (shared by sharingyoochun.net)
I’m so sorry, can not remember Tetsuya’s photo credit >_< *if you know the source, please tell me ^^*
Suri’s photo shared by : suricruisefashion.blogspot.com