Blonde Hair? Why Not? :)Β 

Ada beberapa update menarik yang ditulis momma U. 

About her son. He goes into some kind of ‘trouble’ time again. Not in some kind of negative way but apparently, he cries a lot. On the other side, momma U thinks that he shouldn’t now but she realized that she can’t impose her value on him.

She needs to accept his personality. She feel envy to children who lives with their parents together.

She wrote that she was growing up with Sparta parents which means, they’re very strict. And she’s already inside the showbizz since elementary school and she lived alone since she was very young. (I guess she lived in a dorm, so she’s no longer lived with her parents from that time). 

She wrote that maybe because of those things, she doesn’t understand the distinction of spoil. 

Meanwhile, her daughter seems started talking now. She says some words like ‘papa’, ‘mama’, ‘baba’, etc. 

But recently, her daughter seems remember her daddy’s nickname. Lol so she said [Tettan] which is supposedly, Tetsuya’s nickname [Tetchan] 

Awww just really cute!!! 

Also. Some old issues but recently appeared again. She read an article. Momma U got some kind of income from blogging. And she was confused about that. What kind of income? Just super ridiculous news for me. 

And of course, that is not true. 

And the latest update is she wanna change her hair color into blonde. She said she only have one life and she wants to live her life without regret. 

So her secret ambition after all this time is having blonde hair. She said she’ll do that on December this year. 

Ayana furendo just curious why she need to do that transformation on December but she hasn’t answer yet. 

Maybe there is something special in December. 


Special event? 

We (Ayana furendo) don’t know either. 

So far, i know from blog, she loves Blake Lively, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Taylor Momsen. 

I don’t know what kind of blonde color she’ll choose. Hehehe

Just wait and see. I hope she will upload her latest photo later. πŸ™‚

Good night. 

Thanks to K-chan. She help me a lot with translation. I understand more now πŸ™‚ 

PS. Bonus photo!

I found this photo from Instagram! Old photo. James Reynolds is too cute!!!! 

Today is also Blake Lively’s birthday! 

Happy birthday πŸ™‚ 

Beautiful mama and cute daughter.

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My latest fave drama 😍

Awalnya, saya nonton drama ini sebagai selingan nonton drama Korea, Goblin. Gegara roh jahat yang keliatan serem abis udah nongol lol dan saya ga punya nyali buat nonton Goblin malem-malem. πŸ˜…

Yang awalnya iseng, malah jadi terpikat lol 

Riverdale dibuka dengan scene yang paling saya favoritkan di drama ini. The red-haired twins driving to the Sweetwater River. Si kembar Blossoms, Jason dan Cheryl, berencana menghabiskan hari dengan menaiki perahu di sungai siang hari itu, pada tanggal kemerdekaan Amerika. 4 Juli. 

Rencana itu berubah menjadi bencana saat Cheryl ditemukan oleh kelompok Pramuka, sedang duduk menggigil sendirian di tepi sungai. Sementara Jason tidak terlihat. 

Rupanya perahu mereka terbalik dan Jason dilaporkan hilang. Sebagai salah satu keluarga terpandang di Riverdale, keluarga Blossom pun mengerahkan seluruh jajaran kepolisian di bawah arahan Sheriff untuk mencari Jason. 

Jasad Jason pun akhirnya diketemukan beberapa waktu kemudian. Namun hal yang membuat penduduk Riverdale gempar, adalah tersibaknya fakta bahwa Jason meninggal bukan karena tenggelam namun ditembak tepat di kepala. 

Keluarga Blossom boleh berduka namun salah satu keluarga lain di Riverdale begitu puas dengan kabar itu. 

Keluarga Cooper. 

Alice Cooper sangat puas karena penyebab putri sulungnya, Polly, harus mendapatkan perawatan mental di salah satu institusi khusus untuk remaja, akhirnya menghilang. 

Jason Blossom adalah mantan kekasih Polly. Keluarga Cooper menganggap bahwa Jason adalah biang keladi sekaligus pembawa pengaruh negatif bagi puteri mereka.

Pasangan Cooper begitu membenci Jason terkecuali puteri bungsu mereka, Betty. Betty kemudian berusaha keras untuk menguak seluruh misteri yang menyelimuti kehidupan keluarga mereka. Termasuk mengenai Jason dan Polly. 

Sementara itu, kota Riverdale juga menerima penduduk baru. Hermione dan putrinya, Veronica Lodge. 

Another high-class family is moving to the town. 

Mereka harus ‘mengungsi’ ke Riverdale karena ayah Veronica, Hiram Lodge, ditahan di penjara karena kasus penggelapan uang. 

Hermione sendiri kemudian berusaha keras untuk bekerja memenuhi kebutuhan hidup mereka sehari-hari. Kemudian berakhir dengan bekerja di bidang konstruksi bersama dengan Fred Andrews, ayah tokoh sentral cerita di drama ini, Archie Andrew. 

Archie adalah calon kapten yang menjanjikan untuk tim football SMA Riverdale. 

Namun, Archie sendiri berada di persimpangan. Dia harus memilih antara football yang akan memberinya akses untuk beasiswa ke universitas atau membuat lirik dan musik yang diminatinya sekalipun mendapat tentangan dari ayahnya. 

Riverdale berpusat pada penyelidikan mengenai sosok pembunuh Jason. Selain tentu saja konflik dalam beberapa keluarga yang saya tulis di atas. 

It’s more like everybody vs everybody πŸ˜…

Perselisihan keluarga Blossom dan keluarga Cooper, mengingatkan saya sama perselisihan antara keluarga Goode dan Fear dalam novel Fear Street nya R.L Stine.

You’ll notice if you watch this series. 

Tapi sekalipun keluarga mereka bertentangan, Betty, Archie, Veronica, the nerd and the narrator of this drama, Jughead Jones, tetap bahu-membahu untuk menemukan sosok pembunuh Jason. 

Another conflict? 

Hm their love interest and relationship of course! 

Belum ada couple yg bener-bener jadi favorit sih lol but i love Betty-Jughead 😍

And Archie is just going everywhere lol 

I also love the rivalry feeling between Cheryl The Queen of Riverdale High vs Veronica the New Girl. 

Another point is i love how all the characters seems inside the grey area. Nobody’s perfect. Nobody’s really good or bad but yeah, the evil is exist. 

I found myself, became very fond of the Blossom Twins. 

Their red hair, their pale skin. Red hair seems really stands out for me πŸ™‚ 

This drama got me really excited after a long time of absent from watching teen drama πŸ˜…

I can’t wait for season 2! 

I hope, the crew could maintain the intensity of the story and drama. πŸ™‚

Oh! Another sparkle is Jossie and The Pussycats’ song!! 

So good!!! 

Here it is one of my fave :

I Feel Love by Jossie and The Pussicats
Good day all~

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Summer has just begun!!! 😊

Shall we catching up some of the updates?


From momma U’s Nau.

She bought hydrangea seeds and it seems the hydrangea grow up well. 

White hydrangea like this photo. ( this one is from her old blog) 

And she wrote that right now, Montessori education is really popular in Japan. 

If you want to know about Montessori education, please check this Montessori Education

Apparently, Momma U is also attended a Montessori school when she was in kindergarten.

She went into kindergarten earlier than her friends. She spend three years there. She said she loves makes steamed bread. (Now we know, she has interest on bread since she was really young ne) 

She’s also now a bit struggling to decide which kindergarten that suitable for her son. Yes. The banana prince is ready to enter kindergarten next year.

She does some kind of skinship strenghten week. Hm, i have no idea about that but she wrote that is for her children. They keep stick together. I think that is also for strengthten the bond between parents and their children.

There are times where she plays tag game at home with her children. She chase them (her daughter is crawling) and the one who get caught, will receive punishment. What kind of punishment? Tickle punishment. Lol

She goes out every morning with her son. They take a walk or ride the bus to do some errands. She said (perhaps because now is summer and the weather is hot) lots of changing clothes and lots of washing. 

I forgot another updates πŸ˜…

And then, from Tetsuya-sama.

I loveeeee this photo! 

I love his casual style. So simple! 😍😍😍

And of course! He’s supa hansamu lol

He’s going to release 15th anniversary live blue-ray and dvd and live photobook too.

Hm, what else!? 


Recently, i watched ‘Britney Ever After’ and now, i’m addicted to Britney all over again. Lol

Kind od Britney fever haha

I’m listening her music and watching her MVs.

Oh, a very hot news too.

I read that on Twitter this morning.

Congratulations! SongSong couple!

Song Hye Gyo and Song Joong Ki.

I’m not their fans. I also never watch Descendants of The Sun but yeah, i feel happy for them. They have lots of shippers, right?

Now, their fave OTP became real. Congrats! 

Okay. That’s it. 

Good night. Zzzz

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Seri Chan :)Β 

Another spazz tonight is about her.


Iwahori Seri πŸ™‚ 

She’s a model and actress. 


Dia juga istri dari Takuro, leader band rock Glay.

I’ve been following her IG for a while now.

Awalnya, saya hanya tahu sekilas soal dia karena waktu itu, lagi aktif banget googling soal band rock Jepang. 

Saya cuma tahu dia udah merit sama Takuro dan punya dua anak.

Well, makasih buat fandom Koreya saya, a.k.a JYJ boys. Saya jadi makin ngeh sama keberadaan Iwahori Seri dan akhirnya follow Instagramnya heheh

Yup, Seri san memang fans K pop juga. Terutama, sejauh yang saya tahu, dia nge fans sama Junsu dari JYJ.

Seri sudah beberapa kali berbagi foto di IG saat dia nonton konser Junsu di Jepang.


Selain Seri, Takuro pun nampaknya cukup akrab sama JYJ. Takuro pernah bertukar cd sama Junsu dan kalo ga salah, pernah juga berfoto sama ortu atau staffnya Junsu. (Nanti saya ubek lagi file fotonya ya heheh)

Selain bertukar CD, Takuro pun sempat berkolaborasi dengan member JYJ lainnya, yaitu Kim Jaejoong di album WWW dengan menciptakan satu buah lagu, berjudul Modem Beat πŸ™‚

Jadi, engga heran pula kalau saya makin suka sama pasangan Takuro-Seri ini heheh 

Back to Iwahori Seri πŸ™‚

Seri chan, saya lebih suka manggil dia kayak gitu,walaupun engga sopan ya ^^;;;

Tapi vibe yang dikeluarkan ibu dua anak ini, memang bikin saya jadi lebih nyman manggil dia dengan akhiran ‘chan’ dibandingkan ‘san’.

I think she’s really cheerful, cute, beautiul, easy going, and knows how to enjoy her life.

Walopun udah jadi mommy dua anak dan usianya tidak lagi terbilang muda, tapi dia masih aktif jadi model.


Seri pun engga jarang memposting foto yang berhubungan sama Glay, sebagai salah satu bentuk supportnya πŸ™‚

Another thing! Dia ga ragu berbagi foto anak-anaknya walopun wajah mereka engga pernah diperlihatkan heheh


Jadi pasti tampak belakang atau diambil sebagian aja atau malah ditutup stiker. I understand, she wants to protect her children’s privacy and somehow, perhaps safer too for the children. You know how’s internet nowadays ugh

Her son seems like love music just like Otou san πŸ™‚


And her daughter seems really fashionable too! I love her style.


That’s what you got if your momma is supermodel and dad is super cool rock star heheh

I think model and rock star are such an incredible combination lol 

Ga jarang juga, momma Seri play date sama anak-anaknya. She looks so cute while having same style with her daughter ❀


I feel so great to found another nice role model.

She’s a loving wife, loving mother, serious about her job, but still knows how to enjoy her private life. Her own time.

I learn a lot from her πŸ™‚

Anyway, besides JYJ, she’s also loves EXO apparently heheh


Ah, i wonder,will someday momma U open up IG account too?

And maybe, we could see a glimpse of her children just like momma Seri does πŸ™‚

Heheh just wait and see!

Good night all~ 

Photos Source : iwahoriseri Official IG


Captivated By….




Suzuki Tatsuhisa a.k.a Tattsun! ❀

Baru banget saya jadi fansnya lol 

Terpelet pertama Kali dari Free! Seiyuu Event 2015. XD

Waktu nonton dia perform lagu, Splash Free! Rasanya kayak : ‘eh!? Who is he!?’ He’s cool, dunno, his stage act just feel like different than others. He has different aura for me and that’s why my eyes keep following him. 

Around that time, I don’t him. I know that he’s Makoto’s seiyuu. That’s it. I don’t have any info about him and was busy enjoying my Free! Boom inside of me XD

Terus, mulailah nyari-nyari info soal seiyuu Free! Termasuk Tattsun. 

Mantengin piku, baca interview, nonton video, mantengin anime yang ada dia sebagai seiyuu. 

Then, officially, now, I’m his fans! Haha


Another fact! He’s a rock star, baby! Wow! When I knew that fact for the very first time, I was just, dunno, my brain trying so hard to accept the fact lol 

Yeah, his band is Oldcodex and yep, he’s the vocalist. 

Now, I’m in the middle of Tattsun’s world. (Sometimes, I get lost XD)

Well, seiyuu world is a whole new thing for me. (Besides Tattsun, I also pay attention to another seiyuu) 

So it’s kind of fascinating but also confusing. XD

Banyak yang belom saya tahu atau paham Dan masih meraba-raba but it is really interesting! 

Jadi rajin nonton anime bukan hanya karena ceritanya sekarang tapi lebih ke siapa seiyuu yang ada di baliknya. Yup, udah mulai pasang telinga Dan mata karena udah punya beberapa seiyuu favorit. ^^

Termasuk Tattsun! 

He’s dork! Super dork! But very very very charming haha *gilee, feromon Tattsun kuat banget XD*


Buat sekarang sih, masih lebih menikmati project dia as seiyuu dibanding Oldcodex. (Masih berusaha mencerna lagu-lagu Oldcodex ^^;;;)

Oh and I love to read his diary. I’m fascinated by his words,his deep thoughts. Ah, and it seems like, thanks to his diary, i’m so into him, deeper πŸ™‚

I guess that’s it for tonight. It’s difficult to be able to write my feelings towards him ^^;;;;;

That’s what happens every single time I’m so into someone or something. My mind just went blank because I have lots of feeling inside and sometimes, I get confused haha

Good night all~

Photos Sources : Tatsuhisa_Ind IGshiina_and_salmon IGJapaneseaesthetic IG


Okay, Recently

I found it so hard to wrote anything in blog.

Dunno, i can’t get the right mood. *ugh*

Antara pengen nulis sama engga kepengen nulis LOL

Compliquee, hein? ^^;;;

Terus, karena akhir-akhir ini rajin mantengin Instagram, berakhirlah dengan ngepoin akun ini


Akun siapa itu?

The answer is fan account of Yoona from SNSD/Girls’ Generation hehehe


Beberapa tahun lalu, saya sempet gandrung banget sama SNSD sebelum akhirnya perlahan mereka terlupakan ^^;;; dan saya juga engga terlalu antusias lagi.

Dan keknya, seinget saya, di antara mereka, saya paling suka sama Yoona.

She’s pretty and seems nice, keknya engga macem-macem juga dan kalau udah ketawa, she looks really bright.

Jadi, sekalipun saya engga antusias lagi sama SNSD, kalo ada hal menarik soal Yoona, pasti diintip wkwkw

Well, saya lebih suka liat Yoona jadi model atau berkegiatan sama SNSD dibanding liat dia berakting. Saya engga pernah tertarik untuk melihat akting Yoona.

Okay! Back to IG lol

I found couple of favorite photos of her ❀

Let’s take a look ^^

Sapa tahu kalian juga memfavoritkan piku yang sama ❀


Love her make up, especially her lipstick, and that expression ❀


Next! Waktu nonton MV SNSD ‘Party’, dan melihat Yoona dengan rambut pirang, i feel weird. Sebelumnya, saya engga pernah liat dia sepirang itu LOL tapi lama-kelamaan, kok kayaknya cocok-cocok aja gitu haha



Terakhir! Just love love love this photo ❀


Done with my spazzing night LOL

Good night all~

Photo Source : OfficialYoongIG


Attention : Hyuna is Back!


This girl.


Dia bukan diva.

Dia tidak punya suara melengking nan indah dengan jangkauan 7 oktaf.

Dia mengisi panggung dengan gerak tariannya yang powerful dan lincah.

Serta rentetan part rap dengan suaranya yang khas agak cempreng itu *dunno, harus dengan istilah apa saya jabarkan suaranya ^^V*

Well, tapi berkat itu juga, saya bisa langsung membedakan suaranya dengan yang lain tanpa melihat LOL

Kim Hyuna, member 4minute favorit saya ❀

Banyak yang mencaci-maki dan tanpa segan mengatai B****h dan sederet makian lain karena konsep seksi yang harus diusungnya setiap kali perform/comeback.

Well, you know what?

I never thought, even for one second, that she’s a B****h.


Saya tahu kok, tiap artis itu punya image tertentu yang harus ditampilkan di hadapan publik yang tentunya berbeda dengan kepribadian aslinya sehari-hari.

Hyuna, saya cinta dua-duanya. Stage act and daily life. On and off camera.

She’s full of charisma on stage and of course, sexy LOL

On her daily life or interview, she’s really nice and bubbly ❀

Sometimes, she’s a bit awkward but still, she’s charming.

Saya juga ga memungkiri, kadang suka hela napas kalau dosis tampilan seksinya Hyuna udah melewati batas *blame her concept!* ato saat liat dia lebih kurus lagi karena diet *ugh*

Tapi tetep, dia berhasil menghipnotis LOL Saya menikmati lagu-lagu Hyuna dan performanya yang energik di atas panggung ❀

Well, sebentar lagi dia comeback dengan mini album ke 4. Yeah, dan teasernya 19+ pula. *cek sendiri aja ya, videonya di Youtube XD*

So now, i’m super excited. She’s so pretty on her teaser ❀

Yeah, dan kayaknya, sekeras apapun dia berusaha untuk menampilkan image bad girl di teaser atau MV, saya ga pernah nangkep aura bad girl yang terpancar LOL

Dunno, mungkin karena aktingnya masih kurang dan rasanya, saya selalu liat kalo dia sebenernya agak kagok untuk akting jadi bad girl apalagi kalo scenenya 19+

Akan seperti apa comebacknya kali ini?

We’ll see ❀

PS. My favorite concept from her. 4minute’s comeback. Volume Up ❀

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 12.48.54 PM

So gorgeous, with her long hair, red lipstick, her make up, her clothes, very vampiric ❀


Good night all~

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