Hm, beberapa hari lalu, saat lagi anteng sharing piku-piku dari blog Ayana, tiba-tiba aja keingetan sama piku ini.

Boneka Teddy Bear dari Cecil McBee yang pernah diposting Ayana di blog sekitar thun 2007/2008 an.

Waktu itu, cuma kepikiran, those bears maybe some sort of her imagination of her future family. (Dunno, kalo ga salah, saat posting piku itu, Ayana uda merit sama riidaa-sama) 


Wow! Her dreams came true! 

A family with two children!

Son and daughter ❤

Just lovely! Heheh

4 Bears. 4 family member.


Maybe i just think too far like usual :p

Welllllllll, SUDDEN UPDATE! lol

She gave me the answer about that photo! (Yeah, i sent a comment to her about that) 

This is her answer 🙂 

Well then, Jaaa~~~

Have a good day, Minna-san 🙂 

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U Choco Life 

U chan loves chocolate. ❤

Spazz buat malam ini heheh

She loves choco ice cream (foto ini waktu dia masih jadi model majalah Ray. Karena ada pemotretan dan dia harus jaga berat badan, makanya dia cuma makan setengahnya ^^;;;)

Yang ini juga sama. Di sela-sela pemotretan majalah Ray, masih dalam nuansa Valentine. 

I think she loves it so she takes pictures with that pink choco.

Yang ini, dinner bareng staff Aya na ture setelah fashion show koleksi ke empat kalo ga salah. 

Choco candle light dinner lol

She loves this heart shaped gateau chocolate. ❤

One of her favorite. 

Last, we can’t leave, fondue ❤

She’s so excited XD

Happy choco day, Minna 🙂


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Kim Jun Su

Mari, intip beberapa event fashion favorit saya dari Kim Jun Su 🙂

Black and black outfit is a must!

Well, kebanyakan foto yang saya pilih hari ini didominasi outfit berwarna gelap lol

Tapi rambut Junsu bikin cling-cling heheh

Love his short and his hair lol looks like cotton candy.

Sorry, i can’t remember each of the event now ^^;;;

Only a brief update lol

Have a good day, all~

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Park Yoo Chun

Is it too early to write something here? Lol

Just curious coz now, i’m in the middle of testing our new wifi inside the office lol 

So here we go!

Another spazz.

This time, Park Yoo Chun.

I choose my fave style of him from some of Awards ceremony.

I love his suit’s pattern here~

And his hair is a bit longer too

This one is nice too 

Black and black combo

That’s it! 

Pengennya sih update spazz dua hari sekali atau kalau bisa setiap hari 🙂 

Next : Kim Jun Su ❤

Good day all~

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Kim Jae Joong

I’ve told you before. I wanna post a lot lol

Well, spazzing a lot! 

Today is Kim Jaejoong and my favorite fashion from him on movie premiere or award ceremony. 


Love his white tee and ripped jeans.

From another movie premiere ❤

Love his shades ❤

Saya lupa, ini dari acara apa.

From award ceremony ❤

His suit and car ❤

Well, i love his car lol 

And recent award.

GDA 2017! 

He’s back from military service, got to meet his fans, and having another present from this event.

Love his style ❤

The golden boy. Look at his hair 🙂 

PS. Waktu liat foto-foto begitu dia balik dari wamil dan langsung beraktifitas, saya ga nangkep aura tentaranya  dia. Lol 

Seolah dia memang terus begitu aja tanpa ada perubahan sekalipun beres wamil. Ga kaku, kayak seleb lain pas baru aja selesai wamil.

Well, ternyata pas saya liat wawancara dia di red carpet GDA kemaren, akhirnya keliatan juga awkwardnya dia saat ngomong di depan publik dan wartawan.

Akhirnya bisa liat kalau, yep, dia juga ternyata masih butuh waktu untuk penyesuaian kembali di depan publik. 

Bener-bener balik kayak dia dulu sebelum wamil 🙂

Good day all.

Arghh, hari ini musti ke dokter gigi kembali.

Wish me luck, please heheh

Good day all~

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Hello, i’m back lol

Suffering with toothache right now ugh, what a lovely day for the very first month in new year haha

Well, while waiting for my appointment with the dentist, let’s pour some spazz today 🙂

U Chan’s favorite style and selca 🙂

Her style is always so cute! Especially when she was still very active as a model for fashion magazine, Ray ❤


I love her hat here and her pose lol, look at her usagi teeth heheh so cute!!!

The LADY earring.NICE! 

And i also love her pouty lips in this photo ❤

The rabbit and the one who’s holding it, both are cute!!!

She took photo in front of her CM billboard for Ray Magazine. She was so happy ❤

And i love her long coat and jeans ❤

Last! Her fashion for spring!

Love her coat so much! 

That’s all.

Next! Another spazz lol

I try to fill this blog with lots of new posts heheh

Okay, wish me luck with my visit to the dentist.

Ugh, just got a bit nervous now >.<

Bye all~

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First, i must admit that i forgot his birthday, well, their birthday, as they’re twins ^^V

Kemaren-kemaren saya mikir, masih perlu ga ya, saya nulis birthday message di sini? ^^;;;

But then, saya akhirnya nulis juga lol

Happy belated birthday, Twins!

Kim Jun Ho

Kim Jun Su

Happy 31st birthday.

Junsu will enlist next year. Let’s hope that he’ll be fine and complete his duty perfectly. 

Sehat terus, baik-baik selama wamil, jangan aneh-aneh yang bisa mengakibatkan hal-hal ga mengenakkan muncul di tengah wamil ya. 🙂

I’m being cautious thanks to certain incident. 

Fulfill your duty as a good citizen, and return soon with lots of wonderful work.

Gonna miss him for the next two years.

Even Iwahori Seri shared about Junsu’s enlistment on her IG heheh 

One of your biggest fans is already sad because you’re going to enlist, Junsu-ssi.

Wish you have wonderful day today perhaps with family or friends or staffs.

Happy birthday!