The Cardcaptor. 

One of my fave work from Clamp.

I watched Cardcaptor Sakura the anime when i was still err… Junior high? Lol or elementary school?

I don’t know. I don’t remember. 😅

But yes, i’m a fan! 

I love how sweet Sakura and Syaoran back then. 

I love Touya and Yukito. 😍

Can’t forget how sweet Tomoyo is. 

I’m still laughing every single time i see Kero or Cerberus lol 

And i love Clamp’s artwork, their way to presents the story. 

And couple days ago, i found out that a big publisher re release the manga. And so, i just bought them right away lol

So far, they released 5 volume from total 12 volume. Hm, i need to wait patiently 😅

Once i read the manga, i’m being charmed by Sakura and the gang lol arrghhh can’t wait to see the resurrection of Yue 😍

Reading the manga kind of reminiscing my memory about the anime. Slowly, i’m grasping each element, details that i forgot long time ago. 

And now i’m craving for another Clamp’s project lol 

Another thing is, finally! Detective Conan vol. 91 is out! Been long time waiting. 

Also! Agatha Christie’s Murder On The Orient Express!!! With the latest cover 😍😍😍

Just love!!! I love the cover!!! So much!!! And yes, i’ll watch the movie. Next November. Lol 


Today’s choices of my ‘little runaway’ from daily routine are….

Hazelnut milk and banana toast with brown sugar and cheese.

A childlike menu i think lol 

It’s okay! 

Once in a while. I can’t choose coffee because i’ve reached my limit today. I drunk 2 cups of coffee and i think my tummy needs a rest lol 

So i choose milk haha 

Gonna spend the evening with my childlike menu also my latest Agatha Christie’s novel 😙

Enjoy your evening all~

Cardcaptor Sakura Artwork Source :



My latest fave drama 😍

Awalnya, saya nonton drama ini sebagai selingan nonton drama Korea, Goblin. Gegara roh jahat yang keliatan serem abis udah nongol lol dan saya ga punya nyali buat nonton Goblin malem-malem. 😅

Yang awalnya iseng, malah jadi terpikat lol 

Riverdale dibuka dengan scene yang paling saya favoritkan di drama ini. The red-haired twins driving to the Sweetwater River. Si kembar Blossoms, Jason dan Cheryl, berencana menghabiskan hari dengan menaiki perahu di sungai siang hari itu, pada tanggal kemerdekaan Amerika. 4 Juli. 

Rencana itu berubah menjadi bencana saat Cheryl ditemukan oleh kelompok Pramuka, sedang duduk menggigil sendirian di tepi sungai. Sementara Jason tidak terlihat. 

Rupanya perahu mereka terbalik dan Jason dilaporkan hilang. Sebagai salah satu keluarga terpandang di Riverdale, keluarga Blossom pun mengerahkan seluruh jajaran kepolisian di bawah arahan Sheriff untuk mencari Jason. 

Jasad Jason pun akhirnya diketemukan beberapa waktu kemudian. Namun hal yang membuat penduduk Riverdale gempar, adalah tersibaknya fakta bahwa Jason meninggal bukan karena tenggelam namun ditembak tepat di kepala. 

Keluarga Blossom boleh berduka namun salah satu keluarga lain di Riverdale begitu puas dengan kabar itu. 

Keluarga Cooper. 

Alice Cooper sangat puas karena penyebab putri sulungnya, Polly, harus mendapatkan perawatan mental di salah satu institusi khusus untuk remaja, akhirnya menghilang. 

Jason Blossom adalah mantan kekasih Polly. Keluarga Cooper menganggap bahwa Jason adalah biang keladi sekaligus pembawa pengaruh negatif bagi puteri mereka.

Pasangan Cooper begitu membenci Jason terkecuali puteri bungsu mereka, Betty. Betty kemudian berusaha keras untuk menguak seluruh misteri yang menyelimuti kehidupan keluarga mereka. Termasuk mengenai Jason dan Polly. 

Sementara itu, kota Riverdale juga menerima penduduk baru. Hermione dan putrinya, Veronica Lodge. 

Another high-class family is moving to the town. 

Mereka harus ‘mengungsi’ ke Riverdale karena ayah Veronica, Hiram Lodge, ditahan di penjara karena kasus penggelapan uang. 

Hermione sendiri kemudian berusaha keras untuk bekerja memenuhi kebutuhan hidup mereka sehari-hari. Kemudian berakhir dengan bekerja di bidang konstruksi bersama dengan Fred Andrews, ayah tokoh sentral cerita di drama ini, Archie Andrew. 

Archie adalah calon kapten yang menjanjikan untuk tim football SMA Riverdale. 

Namun, Archie sendiri berada di persimpangan. Dia harus memilih antara football yang akan memberinya akses untuk beasiswa ke universitas atau membuat lirik dan musik yang diminatinya sekalipun mendapat tentangan dari ayahnya. 

Riverdale berpusat pada penyelidikan mengenai sosok pembunuh Jason. Selain tentu saja konflik dalam beberapa keluarga yang saya tulis di atas. 

It’s more like everybody vs everybody 😅

Perselisihan keluarga Blossom dan keluarga Cooper, mengingatkan saya sama perselisihan antara keluarga Goode dan Fear dalam novel Fear Street nya R.L Stine.

You’ll notice if you watch this series. 

Tapi sekalipun keluarga mereka bertentangan, Betty, Archie, Veronica, the nerd and the narrator of this drama, Jughead Jones, tetap bahu-membahu untuk menemukan sosok pembunuh Jason. 

Another conflict? 

Hm their love interest and relationship of course! 

Belum ada couple yg bener-bener jadi favorit sih lol but i love Betty-Jughead 😍

And Archie is just going everywhere lol 

I also love the rivalry feeling between Cheryl The Queen of Riverdale High vs Veronica the New Girl. 

Another point is i love how all the characters seems inside the grey area. Nobody’s perfect. Nobody’s really good or bad but yeah, the evil is exist. 

I found myself, became very fond of the Blossom Twins. 

Their red hair, their pale skin. Red hair seems really stands out for me 🙂 

This drama got me really excited after a long time of absent from watching teen drama 😅

I can’t wait for season 2! 

I hope, the crew could maintain the intensity of the story and drama. 🙂

Oh! Another sparkle is Jossie and The Pussycats’ song!! 

So good!!! 

Here it is one of my fave :

I Feel Love by Jossie and The Pussicats
Good day all~

Photos Credits and Source : thecwriverdale IG


Back to Back Part 2

I wanna write something but still not quiet get the mood and super confused.

Should i write about book or movie or drama hmm..

A bit boom inside me now is Goblin. Yes, i’m currently watching Goblin. I’m ready to embrace ep. 5 🙂

Well, i’m not the up to date type when it come to drama. 

I prefer to wait until the drama finished or when my friends stop talking about it on my TL or real world lol

And i need to get a mood to watch.

So here i am. Watching Goblin while people are already move on lolol 

One thing is, i thought Ji Eun Tak is not a high school student. I thought the Goblin’s Bride would be a so much more older woman. Well, but i love her. She’s very chatty and bubbly. 

Noe, i’m waiting to watch Spidey! Heheh The Spiderman Homecoming. I still need to wait about an hout and half so now i’m sitting in not so beautiful pose inside a donut shop lolol 

Sipping my cold mocha espresso and my Oreology donut. Yup, they named the donut that. Donut with Oreo on top. :p

Hm, i thought the new cafe next door was ready to accept a customer but apparently, they’re not. Not yet. I need to wait. So i prefer the donut shop. 

Wow, i’m rambling a lots XD

Then here it is, back to back part 2 from Aya na ture website.

5th collection 

6th collection (still my fave!)

7th collection

8th collection.

Haahh~ i should remove the aya na ture’s link from my fave links since the website is already gone. 


Gonna remove that. 🙂


Enjoy your evening and maybe with a cup of coffee plus donut too 🙂 

Photos Credits : aya na (no longer exist now) T_T


Angel Babies

Spazz hari ini! The Angel babies.

Angel mana yang saya maksud? The answer is The Victoria’s Secret Angels ❤

Walopun ga nge fans berat gimana gitu ya sama produknya, tapi saya suka liat fashion show nya di tv heheh uda macem fanboy kalo liat para Angel lenggak-lenggok di catwalk lol

I have favorites of course! Shall we take a look? 🙂


Behati Prinsloo ❤

She’s cute, sweet, sometimes very childlike heheh with his husband, Adam Levine, they’re one of my fave couple in the world 🙂 

And now, they have a new family addition. Baby Dusty Rose Levine 🙂 


We can’t leave Angel Candice! ❤

She and Behati has been best friends since forever i think. I love to call them soulmate. They even got pregnant in almost the same time. 

Another sweet angel, i love her photos ❤

Yup, the angel has gave birth to a son. Baby Anaca ❤

Can’t wait to see Dusty and Anaca meet 🙂


The veteran angel! 

Alessandra Ambrosio ❤

Beautiful, exotic, and charismatic angel.

I loovveeee her! 

I read somewhere that she return to runway only three months after she gave birth her first baby, Anja Louise and she wore the heaviest wings ever when she was pregnant with her second child, Noah Phoenix. 

Just wow! 

Her little angels are beautiful! Just like their Angel Momma ❤

We also can’t leave, Lily Aldridge ❤

Gorgeous angel and wonderful momma for her daughter, Dixie. 🙂

They look alike! 

Dixie is cute in her Tinker Bell costume ❤

They’re Angel on stage but also Angel in real life. ❤

Their simplicity, carefree and humble side, passion towards career and life, makes me adore them a lot! 

Wonderful women with their lovely life 🙂 

Enjoy your lovely evening, people! 


Photos Credits : behatiprinsloo IGangelcandices IGalessandraambrosio IGlilyaldridge IG

And I Said

Welcome back, Lee Joon Gi ❤


Thanks to Scarlett Heart, my friends spoilers on Twitter, I’m embracing him so tightly now lol

To see him in that drama, bring my memories back to 2006 when the very first time I saw him.

Through Gong Gil, I was fascinated by his beautiful and delicate face and of course his acting on his fenomenal movie,’The King and The Clown’

Totally captivated by this man, I also watched his drama,’My Girl’ but after that, I was busy with another fandom lol yeah, if you live in multi fandoms, you’re going to understand me lolol 

So I’m completely losing tracks of LJG yep, I’ve heard about his military service but that’s all.

And now 2016.

Charmed by his latest drama and my old feeling is back! 

Well, before I start to rambling about Scarlett Heart, please allow me to adore this scene.

I love his eyes here.

He expresses everything.

Sad, anger, anxiety, fear, and that feeling being completely’naked’ when you don’t wanna anybody knows about your weakness, your wound.

And there he is. Standing in front of a stranger while exposing his biggest weakness.

Love love love this wonderful scene!

You delivered it perfectly, Oppa! 

I have lots of fave scenes and maybe later, I’m gonna share them with you ❤

For now, it’s good enough hehe

Enjoy your Friday!



Photo Source : actor_jg IG


More Triplets


Siang ini agak lucu. Saya baru tau kalo ternyata Il Kook Appa juga punya akun Instagram lol

Kirain ga ada :p

Here it is :

Hayoo fansnya Il Kook Appa plus triplet, monggo follow Dan puas-puasin liat Daehan, Minguk, Manse di sana.


Il Kook Appa engga pelit bagi-bagi foto plus video triplet kok hoho. Isi IGnya 90% *sejauh ini ya* ya triplet hehe

Haduuu lucu Dan gemesin, apalagi pas liat foto atau video pas triplet masih jadi chubby babies ❤

Charming Daehan ❤


Ini chubby Minguk ❤


Handsome Manse ❤


Cute~ mega cute ❤

Udah, saya cuman mau nulis itu aja sekalian sharing info sapa tau ada yang belom follow juga lol

Have a nice day, Everyone 🙂

Photo Source : Song Il Kook Official IG


Bye Bye Boys

Triplet udah say goodbye di episode 116 kemaren. *as usual, telat nonton plus nontonnya di KBS World pula yang memang siaran tunda wkwkw*

Just very sweet of them. Episode terakhir ini, triplet Dan Il Gook appa bekerja sama bikin menu makan malam istimewa untuk triplet eomma *ugh saya lupa sapa nama eomma nya triplet padahal udah jelas disebutin =_=*

Triplet eomma suka banget sama belut jadi Il Gook appa berusaha sebaik mungkin untuk mengolah belut.

Setelah semua menu siap, mereka pergi mengunjungi triplet eomma yang masih berada di kantor Dan akhirnya mereka makan malam bersama.

Momen flash back yang dipersiapkan lewat sebuah video juga bikin saya hampir nangis terharu.

The boys are really grown up. Dulu masih pada bayi banget heheh sekarang pada cakep imuttttt.

Saat akhirnya triplet Dan Il Gook appa menyampaikan  salam terakhir untuk penonton setia Superman Return, mereka duduk berempat di depan kamera, di ruang interview mirip episode awal saat triplet mmberikan salam pertama mereka untuk kita.

Well minus aksi melepaskan diri dari pangkuan Il Gook appa Dan berontak-berontak kecil ha-ha.

The boys behaved really well, really nice, and sweet. ❤


And Manse’s words are really touching.

Waktu Il Gook Appa nanya apakah triplet merasa sedih karena ini merupakan syuting terakhir, Manse menjawab, kalau dia sedih tapi kalau dia sedih maka Dinosaur Uncle (triplet’s nickname for cameramen) juga akan merasa sedih.

Aww melting~

Very sweet of him 🙂

And now. I should say goodbye too to Il Gook appa’s boys.

Daehan, Minguk, Manse please grow up well, healthy, happy.

With or without camera. Hope you got to see your own dream.

And perhaps we’re going to see you again sometime 🙂

Thanks for lovely and adorable memories ❤

PS. Cast barunya Superman Return juga lucu-lucu ya. Hehe

Good night all~

Photo Credit : cjes.tagram