Been a While

Hello there!

Been a while and this blog has been vacant again πŸ˜…

I wanna write something on this blog anniversary but i completely forgot the actual day lol

I only remember i made this blog on July 2014.

Okay. Doesn’t matter.

Maybe some of you (who have visited this blog before) wondering why there are lots of changes inside the blog.

Especially those posts about JYJ.

Yeah for so many reason, since couple months ago, i decided to give my focus only for TVXQ.

Yes. TVXQ. And yes i mean only Yunho and Changmin. Gosh! I feel so tired that i have this urge to explain that TVXQ are Yunho and Changmin now. A clear fact that all fans should have know since long time ago, i suppose.

I have reached a point where i can no longer supporting JYJ anymore. That’s why i eliminate all posts about them inside this blog.

From now on, this attic will be full (ahem, maybe not that full lol) with TVXQ only related stuff. β€πŸ’™

Bye bye~~~

Happy weekend!



Hoodie Cwang!

Only two days left before his birthday!!!! 😘😘😘


I’m in the mood to spam some of Changmin’s airport fashion. Yup. My faves photos of him!!!

Changminnie with his beanie~~~

Hot in red~

Another grey-black coordi.

I just love this photo. πŸ˜† his face from this angle! Exactly.

Changmin’s face + sunshine = heaven 😍

Anyway, yesterday i wacthed his performance ‘More Than Word’.

Well the title really represent my feelings whenever i see him. More than words. Lol

I can’t stop squeeeeeee.

Over his sweet voice.

Over his baby face. Yup. OMO. He looks exactly like when he was still very young!!!

I hope he will play guitar more. 😘

Here it is the video :

Changmin – More Than Words

I’m still very much addicted to that video lol

Enjoy your evening!

I’m gonna enjoying my zumba class now~


Photos Credits : Chu Bee, Gmmy,,

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These Days

I think about….

20% about their comeback concept.

March is still far away, i know.

30% about why he’s so freaking adorable 😍

30% about i love this giant baby. Seriously.

10% how to write a new fanfiction based on my favorite anime lol and how to pour my love towards HoMin now.

5% about food. Oh i wanna eat Ketoprak so bad right now.

5% about real life s**t

Enjoy your weekend πŸ˜„


Photos and video Credits : baboyunho,, yunho2154, changmin88


Jung Yunho


Today is still Feb 6th!

So i still able to say Happy Birthday Leader-nim.

Jung Yunho 😘

Semoga comeback TVXQ di bulan Maret mendatang sukses! I’m looking forward!

I’m too excited waiting for their comeback lol

You’ve worked really hard jadi semoga semua kerja keras itu terbayar tuntas.

Thank you for your hard work.

For your determination.

For your strong heart, strong mind, cute attitude.

Thank you for guarding TVXQ.

Thank you for enduring everything especially during the hard period.

I’m sorry that i finally landing my eyes, heart, and mind on you only recently. Sorry. I already feel bad now.

As i see you more, my feelings develop fast and i became very fond of you.

It seems like, i always feel this inside the fandom; i love one member and then i fall in love real hard with the leader later πŸ˜…

Again, i feel ashamed. Please lemme hug you, Jung Yunho. Heheh


Some person call them ‘trash’ that hurt me a lot! It stung my heart.



*rolling eyes*

Let’s put aside negative thing and focus more on their positive news!

Comebackkkkkk yeayyyyy

Whatever!!! I feel like jumping right now lol

The kings Gods are back!!!

Everyone, please move aside~

Happy birthday strawberry boy!

You’re not Ahjussi, you’re Oppa 😘

PS. WordPress fiturnya update lagi ya ini *celingak-celinguk* soalnya pas ngetik via ponsel, ada beberapa opsi baru πŸ˜†

Dan terakhir.

Cuman gatel aja sih, kok orang-orang terus-terusan nyebut homin-homin lah udah jelas nama grupnya TVXQ kenapa ga disebut aja TVXQ gitu. πŸ˜…

Kan udah jelas kali membernya sekarang cuma dua orang itu.

Klo denger ato baca homin tuh bawaannya inget fanfic mulu lol

Oh iya. Saya baru bikin akun di Wattpad πŸ˜† lebih gegara penasaran aja sih sama isi fanfic TVXQ/JYJ di sana tapi akhirnya saya putuskan buat posting ff juga di sana lol

Yeah, ada lumayan banyak ff Jaechun soulmate di laptop. Ada yang udah selesai, ada juga yang belum.

Rencananya, mau saya posting aja di wattpad ato akun AFF. Mau itu ff yang udah selesai ato engga πŸ˜…

Saya pernah nulis kalo saya pengen sharing banyak postingan fangirlingan tahun ini tapi sampe sekarang masih mager 😐

Maaf, postingan pun seadanya πŸ˜…

Well, we’ll see later πŸ˜†

Good night all~

PPS. Ini Shim Changmin jadi engga sih ngasih hyungnya kejutan ultah!? Kok sampe sekarang belom ada beritanya lagi!? Grrr

Night all~

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Early Bird and Night Owl


I wake up early and stay awake until midnight. (I can’t pass midnight or else, i won’t be able to wake up early next morning) πŸ˜…

For these past days. My daily routine just like that. 


Becauseeeeee of THEM!!!!! 

How dare you! How dare you! Both of you change my daily routine 😝

*squeeze them tight* 

Bisa engga sih, mereka charmingnya biasa aja!? Lol jadi saya engga perlu kesirep sampe parah banget kayak sekarang haha

Saya musti ngaku dosa sih πŸ˜› 

Sejak enam bulan lalu, saya nganggurin JYJ. 

TVXQ apalagi. Mereka saya anggurin jauh lebih lama dari enam bulan kemaren. *ditabok* 

Nah, sekarang kena karma deh. Kepelet abis-abisan sama mereka berdua πŸ˜† and i don’t mind lol 

Kenapa bisa anteng lagi ngoprek TVXQ ya? πŸ€” lupa. 

Pokoknya sejak awal tahun, kayaknya saya jauh lebih tekun menggali-gali kembali mengenai duo ini. 


D**n. I fall so hard for them! 

Dari jaman masih berlima, gegara Yunho sama Changmin bukan bias, saya engga pernah sampe segimananya banget sama mereka πŸ˜…

Akhir-akhir ini, maaannn, no kidding. Head over heel pokoknya. Lebay ya? Kekeke tapi beneran. 

Seriously. As i dig deeper about them, i got a new perspective about TVXQ and JYJ. 

Sempet sih kemaren baper parah. Sampe saya terus-terusan gangguin temen soal mereka lol 

Baper,  gegara saya rajin lagi buka-buka file lama. Yang berlima sampe jaman berdua. 😒

Sempet bayangin gimana klo pada balikan lagi tapi cepet-cepet saya tepis. Dunno. Saya engga tau apa yang akan terjadi di masa depan tapi saya putuskan tidak berharap terlalu tinggi tapi nerimo saja dan mengikuti mereka saat ini. Nerimo dengan kondisi saat ini. Apapun perubahan yang mungkin akan terjadi, ya wait and see aja tanpa banyak ngayal gimana seandainya kalo begini-begitu. 

Hn tapi sebenernya, saya merasa mereka sudah cocok dengan format ini. Yang tiga ya jalan aja bertiga dan yang dua jalan saja berdua. Saya dukung pokoknya. 

Gila. Ini fandom sampe segininya banget efeknya ke saya πŸ˜…

Cuman mereka sih yang bisa bikin saya up and down parah pake abis lol 

Pas mereka pisah tuh macem jadi fans broken home gitu huks. Ibu sama bapak pisah. Masing-masing bawa anak. 

Anak perempuan ikut ibu, anak laki ikut bapak. Huks (saya bukan Yunjae Shipper sih tapi ya merasa klo mereka berlima itu macem gitu). 

Ini kayak, semacem gagal move on apa gimana ya πŸ˜… tapi saya sih engga pernah bener-bener ngerasa gagal move on. 

Okay i’m fine with this condition tapi ya kalo liat file lama, kalo terlalu menghayati, baper abis jadinyaπŸ˜…

Saking lamanya engga catch up berita ato video TVXQ, saya sampe bingung, musti mulai darimana πŸ˜…

Akhirnya ya random mode : on. Apapun yang menarik, saya buka dan saya pelototin sampe puas πŸ˜†

Tidurnya telat dan bangun lebih pagi buat melototin Jung Yunho plus Shim Changmin. πŸ˜†

Anyway. Perform live favorit saya akhir-akhir ini, Maximum. 😍

Saya engga bosen denger lagu yang satu ini tapi saya juga baru nyadar, kalo Yunho sama Changmin kurus banget waktu perform di era ini 😒 

Kalo ngomongin Maximum, pasti engga akan kelewat dong dengerin lagu Maximum yang versi member masih berlima. 

I never heard clearer version πŸ˜… seadanya banget dan sampe sekarang masih bertanya-tanya, di manakah suara Yoochun berada? 

Seriously, i can’t hear his voice πŸ˜… yang berempat, masih bisa saya denger tapi lost banget saat coba nyari-nyari suara Yoochun. 

Anyone, please help!!! 

PS. Ngakak abis liat TVXQ pas jadi bintang tamu di acara Kings Brunch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Changminnnnnn 😍😍😍😍 

Jarang banget liat Changmin terkesima sama sesuatu dan kayak anak kecil banget banget banget awwww 😍😍😍😍😍

Okay. Another stage of lebay kekekekeke

Ya udah lah ya. Lol 

Gonna enjoy their video moreeeeee.

Enjoy your evening~


Photos Credits :, winged, Dispatch


Mood Booster

These days, i feel slowly down.

I’m not that down but with lots of news, sad things, and oh i don’t know why but recently the atmosphere at home is also not that nice.

So, yeah, i’m welcoming the bad mood.

Plus the weather is super cold and rain almost everyday.

I keep drinking coffee and cocoa but still those are not enough.

My phisical body is also not that fit these days.

I need sunshines!! Or warm blanket please!!! 

Then, i saw these photo and videos of them! 

I feel a bit better. Lol

To see their smile. Well, they melted my heart already.

Another mood booster is this! 

‘Banana Mud’ πŸ˜…

Yeah, banana fried covered by two of my fave flavors; green tea and dark choco!!! 


I’m listening Taylor Swift’s songs a lots recently! From her latest album, Reputation.


I wish tomorrow will feel warmer.

Photo and Videos Shared by : tvxq_world


Pink is Punk

Judul update blog hari ini, terinspirasi dari salah satu foto dari Instagram resmi Valentino.

Bukan bajunya yang bikin saya tertarik, tapi tulisan di sebelah baju itu πŸ™‚ 

[Pink is Punk]

Kalimat itu jadi ngingetin saya sama Riidaa-sama, Tetsuya heheh

Yup, pink is punk for him! Completely.

L’Arc en Ciel is back!!!

They return to Tokyo Dome after 9 years πŸ™‚ 

I wish them good luck! 

Semoga live hari ini lancar. 

Member, staff, dan fans bisa bener-bener have fun. 

Walopun ada live viewing hari Minggu besok, tapi saya engga bisa ikut nonton nih kali ini. 

Well, maybe next time. Maybe at their second concert at Jakarta. Amiin πŸ™‚

Well, what else!?

Hm apa kabar nih JYJ dan TVXQ? Lol

Saya masih ikutin berita mereka tapi susah ya mau fangirling an sendiri di sini lol

Kalo feelingnya udah beda, jadi rada susah memang.

Sekalipun saya excited kalo baca berita soal mereka tapi saat dicoba menulis sesuatu di sini, ujung-ujungnya saya hapus lagi atau bahkan hilang mood di tengah jalan.

Kebanyakan postingan soal K fandom saya, berakhir jadi draft yang entah dipublish kapan. 

Akhir-akhir ini cuma liat-liat berita, nyimpenin foto, dan baca fanfic soulmate. 

Rasanya pengen update fanfic di akun AFF saya tapi masih nunggu mood nih haha

Semoga dalam waktu dekat bisa lagi lanjut nulis fanfic yang masih tersimpan manis di laptop.

Okay, that’s it! 

Happy Saturday all~

Photo Credit : Maison Valentino Official Instagram