Well, yesterday.

Momma U celebrated Halloween as well and she updated her blog after a loooonggggg time lol 

No costume only Halloween party at home with Halloween dinner.

Look at this pizza. I wanna eat that ❀

And she wanna write another blog’s update but since she wanna shares some serious topic, so she’ll make it on A member only post. 

And November 1st is her blog anniversary.

She started using Ameba blog since November 2010. 

7 years full with delicious meal, bread, sweets photo. 

Hm, only 6 days left for Nau.

We need to say good bye soon T_T 

I wonder, what will she writes as her last Nau. 

Recently. Ayana forgot her bestfriend birthday. I think it was Yve’s birthday. Since Ayana wrote ‘Ma-chan’ real name of Yve is Mami. So yeah. 

She’s in deep regret.

I can’t remember another updates lol sorry.

This is her latest photo. It seems her son took photo of her too but not this one. Please check her blog of you’re curious. 

Happy blog annyversary U! 

I’m looking forward for your update. 

Enjoy your day Minna~

Photos Source : ameblo.jp/ayana-sakai/



Cold Stone

I have heard about this famous creamery long ago πŸ˜…

The very first is at Oprah Show. Where Oprah invited the owner and founder of Cold Stone. 

Saya cuma tahu aja sampe situ dan agak tertarik karena es krimnya dipadu dengan topping di atas batu dingin, diaduk-aduk sebelum akhirnya ditempatkan di atas mangkuk wafel.

Saya juga tertarik dengan banyaknya topping yang tersedia; mulai dari cookie crumble sampai permen.

Waktu itu sih, saya belum berminat nyari tahu lagi atau bahkan nyoba Cold Stone karena saya pikir, mungkin es krimnya tidak tersedia di Indonesia lol

Kali kedua saya kembali menatap Cold Stone (menataaappp lol) tidak lain dan tidak bukan adalah dari foto-foto di blog Ayana.

Yup. She and her husband love this ice cream.

Ayana pernah beberapa kali posting foto Cold Stone. 

Her ice cream date is also at Cold Stone shop ❀

U chan sempet nulis di Nau, soal Tetsuya yang ngajak dia plus anak-anak buat makan es krim. 

Sayangnya, gerai es krimnya udah tutup pas mereka nyampe. Nah, saya sama salah satu Ayana Furendo mikir kalo gerai es krim yang dimaksud U chan mungkin Cold Stone.

Well who knows. Dia ga pernah nulis jawabannya lol 

Beberapa waktu lalu, saya juga akhirnya ikut nyobain makan Cold Stone. (Mumpung lewat depan gerainya lol dan di Bandung kan kalo ga salah, gerainya engga ada ya) 

Saya lupa milih rasa apa waktu itu (yang saya inget cuma Matcha). Well supaya mirip sama yang dipilih Ayana, tentunya harus pake Waffle bowl nya dong lol 

So how is the taste? 

Hm, buat saya sih so so πŸ˜…

I don’t know. Nothing special so far lol

I mean from texture, flavour.

Yo weiss. Yang penting udah pernah icip-icip sekalipun bukan yang mirip sama favoritnya Ayana/Tetsuya πŸ˜†

Well temen saya bilang, pegawai yang kerja di gerai Cold Stone di Jepang, akan bernyanyi saat membuat pesanan es krim kita heheh

So cute! Saya pernah liat videonya di Instagram. The singing clerk. Hanya tersedia di Jepang. Heheh

Take care on these cold days.


Photo Source : ameblo.jp/ayana-sakai/ last pic is mine πŸ˜†


Lunch Lunch Lunch

Yve, Kana, Ayana.

Lunch date again.

Sekarang, setiap mereka ketemuan kayaknya janjian makan siang mulu ya πŸ˜…

Well i’m happy to see the latest photo of Ayana. 

Her hair is longer and completely in dark color. I’m looking forward for her surprise later.

Next December.

Hm, recent Ayana? 

Saya engga inget semua Naunya tapi dia cerita kalau suaminya ngajak dia plus anak-anak buat makan es krim bareng tapi sayang banget, pas nyampe di sana, tokonya malah udah tutup. Engga beroperasi lagi tempat itu. πŸ˜… 

Ayana plus anak-anak kayaknya kecewa. And it seems like Ayana has fond memories in that shop. 

Dia lagi pengen juga nyobain makan es krim di ChΓ’teraisΓ©. Another famous patiesserie from Japan. I’ve checked their IG page. They have lots of cute cakes. 

ChΓ’teraisΓ© juga ternyata ada di beberapa negara termasuk Indonesia yang katanya opening soon di Jakarta. 
Hm, apalagi ya? 

Salah satu Ayana Furendo membahas mengenai golongan darah anaknya. Well, ternyata Ayana juga belum tahu mengenai golongan darah anak-anaknya. 

Ayana Furendo itu ngasih tahu kalau golongan darah bisa diketahui saat anak berusia 1 tahun. 

I think Ayana will check her children’s blood type soon. 

And she said that she get along really well with B type. Her long time friend is B type. Hm, Yve or Kana? Or both of them? 

Today is also the very first time Ayana appeared on Kana’s IG Story πŸ˜… yang videonya juga dishare sama Yve di Instagramnya. 

Please check the link below : 

Yve Official Instagram

Hm that’s it! 

Thanks to Yve and Kana. I got new photos of Ayana πŸ’“

PS. I see another detail. Ayana is wearing the ring! πŸ˜„

Good night all~

Photos Sources : Yve_komet


Blonde Hair? Why Not? :)Β 

Ada beberapa update menarik yang ditulis momma U. 

About her son. He goes into some kind of ‘trouble’ time again. Not in some kind of negative way but apparently, he cries a lot. On the other side, momma U thinks that he shouldn’t now but she realized that she can’t impose her value on him.

She needs to accept his personality. She feel envy to children who lives with their parents together.

She wrote that she was growing up with Sparta parents which means, they’re very strict. And she’s already inside the showbizz since elementary school and she lived alone since she was very young. (I guess she lived in a dorm, so she’s no longer lived with her parents from that time). 

She wrote that maybe because of those things, she doesn’t understand the distinction of spoil. 

Meanwhile, her daughter seems started talking now. She says some words like ‘papa’, ‘mama’, ‘baba’, etc. 

But recently, her daughter seems remember her daddy’s nickname. Lol so she said [Tettan] which is supposedly, Tetsuya’s nickname [Tetchan] 

Awww just really cute!!! 

Also. Some old issues but recently appeared again. She read an article. Momma U got some kind of income from blogging. And she was confused about that. What kind of income? Just super ridiculous news for me. 

And of course, that is not true. 

And the latest update is she wanna change her hair color into blonde. She said she only have one life and she wants to live her life without regret. 

So her secret ambition after all this time is having blonde hair. She said she’ll do that on December this year. 

Ayana furendo just curious why she need to do that transformation on December but she hasn’t answer yet. 

Maybe there is something special in December. 


Special event? 

We (Ayana furendo) don’t know either. 

So far, i know from blog, she loves Blake Lively, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Taylor Momsen. 

I don’t know what kind of blonde color she’ll choose. Hehehe

Just wait and see. I hope she will upload her latest photo later. πŸ™‚

Good night. 

Thanks to K-chan. She help me a lot with translation. I understand more now πŸ™‚ 

PS. Bonus photo!

I found this photo from Instagram! Old photo. James Reynolds is too cute!!!! 

Today is also Blake Lively’s birthday! 

Happy birthday πŸ™‚ 

Beautiful mama and cute daughter.

Photos Sources : AYANAVI.jp (no longer exist now), ameblo.jp/ayana-sakai/, https://www.instagram.com/p/BYPPFqhljvJ/


It’s Late But

I still wanna say Otanjoubi Omedettou!!!

For Tetsuya and Ayana’s daughter 😘

The official announcement is August 6th. We never know the actual date of her birth.


I sent a birthday message for her via her momma’s Nau. And she replied! 

So happy 😁

She said even though her daughter is only one year old, but she thinks that the daughter growing up so fast and become a girl firmly. 

Hm, another updates from U chan’s Nau.

She suffered stomatitis. Some sort of inflamation inside the mouth. 

And the son loves singing with microphone and ask his daddy T to play bass lol when he’s bored, he’ll ask his daddy to sing and he, himself, play the bass. So cute!

Apparently, his favorite song from daddy T is [Make a Wish] 

Ayana wrote that her 2 years old son repeating the same lyrics over and over again inside their car. 

Also, he learn to play piano. Yes, momma U teach him too but the most enthusiast is the grandparents (i’m pretty sure Ayana’s parents) They teach him too. 

About the daughter.

She’s one years old now and her hair seems longer now, very feminine. So U chan started to shop happily lol

She bought ribbon, dress, off-white, and baby pink nuance according to her liking. She wrote that it’s only a short moment before her daughter said, ‘i don’t want this or that’ lol 

According to her Nau, her daughter just looks like her when she was really young. Very much! 

Well, we know she won’t shared photo of her children but maybe we could get a glimpse from Ayana’s baby photo.

This is Ayana when she was baby. 

Maybe more or less, she looked like her momma 😘

That’s it! 

Good night~ 

Photos Credits : AYANAVI.jp, ameblo.jp/ayana-sakai/  


Jean ProuvΓ©

Konbanwa Minna san 😁

Hari ini saya mau nulis soal Jean ProuvΓ©.

Who is he? 

He was a French metal worker, architect, also a designer. 

Anndd Riidaa sama is a fans of ProuvΓ©’s design.

Saya lupa atau memang belum pernah baca kenapa Riidaa sama bisa sangat gandrung sama karya ProuvΓ© πŸ˜… tapi saya sering menemukan di berbagai majalah, Riidaa sama membahas topik Jean Prouve.

Bahkan ga jarang, Tetsuya sama menyambangi pameran Jean Prouve baik itu di Jepang maupun luar negeri. 

Minna bisa melihat di video documentary L’Arc Trans Asia via Paris, ada scene di mana Riidaa sama asyik keluar masuk berbagai galeri untuk berburu furnitur karya Jean Prouve. 

Furnitur yang dibeli Riidaa sama pun tidak jarang ikut muncul di foto-foto yang diambil U chan di rumah. 

Pastinya sih tidak sengaja terambil tapi kita masih bisa melihat dengan jelas bahwa rumah Riidaa berhias koleksi Prouve. 

The chairs.

Different color but i think it’s the same chair πŸ™‚

My favorite!!!

Also the panel door and again the chair.

Bahkan beberapa bulan ke belakang, Riidaa sama pun kembali berkunjung ke Perancis khusus untuk melihat karya Prouve. 😊

Saya juga jadi ketularan suka sama karya Prouve lol especially those colorful chair!!! 😍

What about you? 

Which one is your favorite? 

Mudah-mudahan bisa juga ikutan beli furnitur Prouve. Amiin. 

Oh! Lupa. Update paling anyar dari Nau Ayana. 

Riidaa Jr lagi suka banget nyanyidan dia suka nyanyiin lagu-lagunya Lider, sementara dia asyik nyanyi, Riidaa jr minta bapaknya buat main bass lol

Kalau dia bosen, gantian. Bapaknya yang nyanyi dan dia yang main bass. Just cuteee 😍

Momma U juga kayaknya lagi ada gangguan pendengaran. Dia sering salah denger kata. Tapi dia nulis mau cek ke rumah sakit secepatnya. 

And about her cute daughter, Momma U nulis bahwa sekalipun anaknya belom berumur satu tahun, tapi tiap kali dia minta dipakein topi sama Mamanya, Momma U wajib ngomong/muji si bebi, kalau dia cantik atau cute lol

Udah mulai centil tuh lol

Terus kalo engga, babynya marah πŸ˜… dan kalau udah marah, si bebi kerjanya ngegigit tangan atau kaki. πŸ˜…

Karena hal itu juga, Momma U ngasoh nickname Kaiju buat si bungsu lol 

Waktu itu juga si abang banana dapet nickname yang sama gegara suka berantakin rumah. Sekarang giliran si adek lol 

Kaiju siblings then heheh 

Good day Minna~

Photos Sources and Credits : Galerie Patrick Seguin official IG, Jousse Enterprise Official IG, ameblo.jp/ayana-sakai/, L’Arc~en~Ciel America FB, Ambafrance_jp_jp Twitter




Summer has just begun!!! 😊

Shall we catching up some of the updates?


From momma U’s Nau.

She bought hydrangea seeds and it seems the hydrangea grow up well. 

White hydrangea like this photo. ( this one is from her old blog) 

And she wrote that right now, Montessori education is really popular in Japan. 

If you want to know about Montessori education, please check this Montessori Education

Apparently, Momma U is also attended a Montessori school when she was in kindergarten.

She went into kindergarten earlier than her friends. She spend three years there. She said she loves makes steamed bread. (Now we know, she has interest on bread since she was really young ne) 

She’s also now a bit struggling to decide which kindergarten that suitable for her son. Yes. The banana prince is ready to enter kindergarten next year.

She does some kind of skinship strenghten week. Hm, i have no idea about that but she wrote that is for her children. They keep stick together. I think that is also for strengthten the bond between parents and their children.

There are times where she plays tag game at home with her children. She chase them (her daughter is crawling) and the one who get caught, will receive punishment. What kind of punishment? Tickle punishment. Lol

She goes out every morning with her son. They take a walk or ride the bus to do some errands. She said (perhaps because now is summer and the weather is hot) lots of changing clothes and lots of washing. 

I forgot another updates πŸ˜…

And then, from Tetsuya-sama.

I loveeeee this photo! 

I love his casual style. So simple! 😍😍😍

And of course! He’s supa hansamu lol

He’s going to release 15th anniversary live blue-ray and dvd and live photobook too.

Hm, what else!? 


Recently, i watched ‘Britney Ever After’ and now, i’m addicted to Britney all over again. Lol

Kind od Britney fever haha

I’m listening her music and watching her MVs.

Oh, a very hot news too.

I read that on Twitter this morning.

Congratulations! SongSong couple!

Song Hye Gyo and Song Joong Ki.

I’m not their fans. I also never watch Descendants of The Sun but yeah, i feel happy for them. They have lots of shippers, right?

Now, their fave OTP became real. Congrats! 

Okay. That’s it. 

Good night. Zzzz

Photos Sources : AYANAVI.jp (no longer exist now), @TETSUYA_STAFF