Back to Back Part 2

I wanna write something but still not quiet get the mood and super confused.

Should i write about book or movie or drama hmm..

A bit boom inside me now is Goblin. Yes, i’m currently watching Goblin. I’m ready to embrace ep. 5 πŸ™‚

Well, i’m not the up to date type when it come to drama. 

I prefer to wait until the drama finished or when my friends stop talking about it on my TL or real world lol

And i need to get a mood to watch.

So here i am. Watching Goblin while people are already move on lolol 

One thing is, i thought Ji Eun Tak is not a high school student. I thought the Goblin’s Bride would be a so much more older woman. Well, but i love her. She’s very chatty and bubbly. 

Noe, i’m waiting to watch Spidey! Heheh The Spiderman Homecoming. I still need to wait about an hout and half so now i’m sitting in not so beautiful pose inside a donut shop lolol 

Sipping my cold mocha espresso and my Oreology donut. Yup, they named the donut that. Donut with Oreo on top. :p

Hm, i thought the new cafe next door was ready to accept a customer but apparently, they’re not. Not yet. I need to wait. So i prefer the donut shop. 

Wow, i’m rambling a lots XD

Then here it is, back to back part 2 from Aya na ture website.

5th collection 

6th collection (still my fave!)

7th collection

8th collection.

Haahh~ i should remove the aya na ture’s link from my fave links since the website is already gone. 


Gonna remove that. πŸ™‚


Enjoy your evening and maybe with a cup of coffee plus donut too πŸ™‚ 

Photos Credits : aya na (no longer exist now) T_T


Back to Back Part 1 has gone but i’m grateful that i keep some of screenshots when the site was still exist. πŸ™‚

These screenshots are from the very first site before the staff made another one.

From First collection to 12th collection 😘

So here we go, back to back episode 1 😊

First Collection ❀

Second Collection❀

Third Collection❀

Fourth Collection❀

Awww such a memories πŸ™‚

Cute dresses for the young bride heheh dunno but when i stared at the collection, i got the impression that those dresses are really suitable for young bride.

Well i think that’s because of the concept itself. Young and Cute. Also, Ayana was still in her 20 at that time (i don’t mean that her latest collection is somehow for the older one but i got the image that besides young and cute her design is also elevating into mature one)

What do you think? 😊

Then, good nightπŸ˜ͺ

Images Source : aya na


Bye Aya na ture

I was shocked.

This morning when i checked the homepage. is no longer exists. 😭

The page is gone now. Sobs

I immediately contacted my friend in Japan.

She was surprised too.

So i guess, it’s true that Aya na ture won’t have another new collection.

I’ve wrote here before that Bellclassic has removed all of Aya na ture’s photo collection from their website.

It seems like, perhaps, Ayana’s contract with Bellclassic is already ended and she will no longer designing wedding dress anymore 😒

Up till now, i haven’t read the official announcement about that. I wanna ask her via Nau but since she’s very busy with her children’s condition, i hesitate.

Maybe later. If she has free time. I would like to ask.

Even if she’s no longer designing wedding dress, i hope she’ll make a comeback through another project 😊

And now i’m confused.

Since the page is no longer exist, how do i put the credit for each dresses i posted here πŸ€”

Someone, please help me 😊

Thank you.

Enjoy your day πŸ™‚

Photo Credit : via Pinterest


It’s Official : Kaa-chan U :D

Latest updates Minna-san πŸ™‚

U chan nulis banyak Nau sepanjang weekend kemarin ^^

As usual, gonna write some interesting things.

U chan lagi cepet banget merasa lapar. Dia nulis kalau dia makan siang jam dua belas tapi dua jam kemudian, dia merasa lapar lagi lol

Hm, mungkin cape atau memang masih masa menyusui kali ya. Jadi dia cepet banget ngerasa lapar.

The weather was bad and she made some kind of pizza party at home for dinner.

She loves her new nickname [Kaa-chan U] well, actually, she stated about that through her answer for me. 


I started to call her, Kaa-chan U and she likes that apparently ❀

Padahal kan, dia duluan yang nyebut dirinya sendiri pake Kaa-chan heheh saya mah nerusin doang XD

Hm, what else!?

Oh, she got to see her daughter’s smile finally after two days. I think because her daughter catch a cold, so the Banana Princess cry all night long. 

She answered a question from one of Ayanafurendo and stated that her son is spoiled (yep, she wrote that, not me) so U chan always needs to hold him while her daughter is inside the stroller. 

But since her son is 13 kg already, so she could only hold him for a brief moment. Yup, 13 kg is not easy ne. 

Oh, dia belum bisa pergi buat hanami. Mungkin karena anak-anaknya masih sakit ya. 

I forgot the other thing lol 


Waktu saya cek website Bellclassic, ternyata Ayanature sudah tidak ada lagi di sana.

Hm, saya sih hanya bisa berspekulasi, mungkin kontrak Aya na ture sama Bellclassic memang sudah berakhir. 

Jadi Bellclassic tidak lagi memajang foto-foto gaun Aya na ture tapi sekalipun begitu, para mempelai perempuan di Jepang sana, masih bisa merental gaun pengantin maupun cocktail dress Aya na ture.

Haaa~ so sad. 

I hope, she will make a comeback someday. 

Yes of course, now, her first priority os her children. I understand that really well.

But still, i hope she’ll back with another project.

I guess, that’s it for today. 

Good day all~

Photo Source : Sakai Ayana Official Nau


Aya na ture 11th Collection BTS

Edisi ini, bisa dibilang istimewa. Mengapa?

Untuk gaun edisi ke sebelas ini, Aya na ture berkolaborasi dengan dua bintang tamu spesial.

Yang pertama adalah Kasai Tomomi member AKB48 sebagai model untuk katalog terbaru sekaligus CM, berduet dengan U Chan kala itu.

Yang kedua adalah TETSUYA, leader Dan basis L’Arc-en-Ciel sekaligus suami Ayana yang  turut berpartisipasi juga dalam CM Aya na ture lewat salah satu lagu dari album solonya, ‘Come On’ yang berjudul Mahou no Kotoba.

Lagu tersebut menjadi BGM CM edisi ke sebelas ini ❀

Mengapa lagu itu terpilih sebagai BGM CM?

Tidak lain karena, hal itu merupakan usulan staff Aya na ture yang terkesan dengan lirik Dan pesan yang disampaikan oleh lagu bernuansa ceria itu. ❀

Me too, I really love that song because of the same reason hehe

Now, let's take a look at my favorite dress from 11th collection πŸ™‚

First! Love this wedding dress, so beautiful! Love the back part ❀


Satu lagi yang ini, Wed dress yang bernuansa youth and cute ❀


Lovely cocktail dress ❀


Love the color too πŸ™‚

My favorite photo from Ayana and Tomomi Chan ❀


Sisterhood feeling πŸ™‚

Now, let’s take a look at BTS photos.

Cukup banyak foto BTS yang dibagi Ayana di blog, tapi saya pilih beberapa saja.

Di sela-sela fitting Dan sample check gaun.


Make up before photoshoot


With Kasai Tomomi Chan ❀


Can’t stop saying they’re really cuteeeeee heheh

In the middle of CM shooting



Saat press release πŸ™‚


U Chan menuliskan bahwa dia gugup tapi juga senang karena mendapat tanggapan positif, terutama mengenai kolaborasinya dengan Kasai Tomomi Dan juga TETSUYA. ❀

Foto ini diambil beberapa saat sebelum fashion show di Art Bell Ange.


PS. Saya lebih sreg liat gaun Aya na ture dipakai oleh Tomomi chan dibanding Ruriko Kojima. ^^v

Lebih pas Dan lebih cute keliatannya heheh

That’s it.

Oyasuminasai Minna San.


Photos Sources : BellClassic. jp,,



Golden Week! National holiday.


There, in Japan πŸ™‚

Di momen liburan ini, U Chan bikin update di Nau.

Dua sahabatnya sejak SMA, yaitu Yve Dan Kana, datang berkunjung ke rumah.

U Chan nulis kalau seharian itu, dia bisa ketawa-ketawa sampe keluar air mata saking senengnya Dan rasanya kayak masih di sekolah dulu hehe

Yup karena mereka bertiga sama-sama sibuk, jadi jarang banget bisa kumpul lengkap. Paling cuma bisa ketemuan sesekali terutama U Chan yang jarang banget kumpul.

No photo from her Nau but we got to see the three best friends from Yve’s Instagram (Kana is also uploaded same photo)


Latest photo from them. ❀

Done with Nau's update.

Now gotta see some of latest Aya na ture's dress from Bell Classic gallery ❀

I love this wedding dress ❀


Haven’t found my favorite but this is the latest cocktail dress πŸ™‚


Ruriko Kojima attended the press release wearing that dress.

The yellow one πŸ™‚


Still waiting for another update. Hope we could see more latest collection from Aya na ture ❀

Good night all~

Photo Source : Bell Classic Gallery, yve_komet IG


20th Collection Press Release


Aya na ture menggelar press release untuk edisi ke 20.

Bertempat di Bell Classic Tokyo dan dihadiri oleh Ruriko Kojima.

Koleksi ke dua puluh ini terdiri dari 12 buah gaun.

Belum ada update di galeri gaun Bell Classic untuk koleksi paling anyar ini tapi kita bisa ngintip sedikit dari foto press release hihi


Love the colors! ❀

Yang dipakai oleh Ruriko Kojima adalah cocktail dress dengan pola kontemporer khas Jepang ❀

Sementara saya sendiri sih naksir gaun-gaun yang  ada di belakang Ruriko hehe

Wedding dressnya belum terlihat sama sekali di sana atau mungkin sama dengan wedding dress saat perayaan 10th anniversary?

Confused ne ^^;;;

Well just wait and see ^^

Ayana juga tidak  memberikan update apapun mengenai Aya na ture di blog atau Nau apalagi homepage nya. *kapan pula mau diupdate* gemes nunggu haha

Oh rental untuk koleksi ke 20 ini akan dimulai di bulan Juni mendatang.

That's it!

Good night all~

Photo Credit :