You Can Stay Under My Umbrella β€

Engga. Hari ini ga bakalan ngomongin soal lagu Umbrella nya Rihanna kok 😁

Lagi seneng banget karenaaaaaaaa

Payung keramat udah dateng wkwkwkw

Yup TVXQ umbrella ❀

Ada dua versi. Warna putih sama warna hitam. Setelah bingung mikir mau yang mana, akhirnya milih yang warna hitam.

Nih payung udah rilis dari tahun kemaren dan nitip beli dari si adek trus baru nyampe kemaren lol

Ini payung termihil yang pernah gw beli dan yang nyampenya paling lama ke rumah πŸ˜…

Kalo beli di Korea sih bisa lebih murah cuman berhubung kemaren dapetnya di Jepang, jadi harganya lebih mahal huhu

Umbrella pouchnya kayak gini.

Di bagian depan ada lambang TVXQ (yup madly in love with their new logo) ❀❀❀

Begitu payung dibuka, ada juga logo TVXQ nya (ada dua lebih tepatnya hehe) cuman rada parno nih kalo make payungnya pas hujan gede juga. Soalnya gagangnya tipis dan kayak rapuh aja gitu kalo dipake menantang hujan gede πŸ˜… jadi mungkin nih payung bakal lebih difungsikan sebagai parasol. Dipake pas hari panas terik aja demi keutuhan itu payung haha

Ini bagian atasnya.

Bagian ujung payung dan kancing penutup ❀


Can’t wait to use that parasol lol walking under the rain with TVXQ protection πŸ˜†

Apalah gw ini. Baru punya payung aja udah jumawa dan hepi banget lolol retjehan sekali 😁

Oh. Lupa. Akhirnya ya terdaftar juga sebagai member resmi Cassiopeia whohoooo πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Belom sebagai Ace tapi paling engga sudah resmi gabung yeayyy haha

Terlalu misqueen untuk bisa dapet member ACE 😝

Kalian udah pada gabung juga di sana belom!?

Hayu buruan gabung. Kita penuhin message board mereka sama pesan penuh cinta dari kita *jiahhhhh* 🀣🀣🀣🀣 tapi inget ya harus patuh ama peraturan. Jangan bikin rusuh dan ribut. Jangan mention2 artes lain selain member TVXQ oke!?

We wanna fill their board with positive messages 😊

Hopefully Yunho and Changmin will post another update on Lysn. ❀

Okay! Good day all~


1st Anniversary πŸŽ‰

Happy 1st Instagram anniversary for Yunho and Changmin 😊

Been a year since they open their official Instagram account. I wish they will continue to post more pics and video.

Selcas, scenery, books, homemade cook, sweets, cafe haha

Special wish : PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR SPECIAL SELCA Yunho and Changmin ❀❀❀❀


Thank you for the headline, Ria Paulisteu2618 and OnlyMinMin 😊❀

Have a nice day all~

Photos Sources : yunho2154 + changmin88


The Red Book

My red agenda 😊

Ga yakin sih bakal diisi atau ditulisin lol wong agenda biasa aja jarang dipake. Apalagi ini, ada piku-piku berharga kayak gini. Makin sayang buat ditulisin lol

Jung Yunho is too beautiful!!! 😍😍😍

And Shim Changmin, the Greek God OMG!!!!

My Adonis ❀❀❀❀

We can devour his perfect abs heheh

Well he said he won’t showing his abs this year. 😭 a huge loss for me huhuhu

But we already see his topless body on I Live Alone teaser heheheh

Me is happy πŸ˜†β˜Ί

I can’t wait for ILA Changmin and Xiumin’s episode. ❀

Bye all~


Unboxing My TVXQ Seasons Greeting 2019

Pagiiiii 😊

Hahaha baru kesampean sharing piku-piku dari Seasons Greetingnya TVXQ! sekarang πŸ˜…

Baru nyampe kurang lebih 2 minggu lalu gitu ya dan ga nyesel samsek order SG ini ❀❀❀

Here we go~

I love the box ❀

When you open the top, here it is, another lid heheh

And you finally found the treasure πŸ˜†

Isinya terdiri dari :

1 buah kalender duduk

Hello January ❀

Sampe kemaren masih aja bingung. Ini kalender duduk mau dipajang dimana; rumah ato kantor. Cuman kayaknya lebih aman rumah aja. Kalo di kantor, salah-salah ada yany nyamber ato maenin lagi lol

February! Birthday month of our Aquarius boys β™’

2 buah kalender akordeon (dua karena satu kalender terdiri dari 6 bulan)

Yuo the accordeon calendar is having the wedding invitation vibes somehow with only their name in the front 😊

1 buah agenda

1 DVD making of (which is super amazing and i don’t even know how did i survive watching the content ☺) 12 poster A4 (sesuai bulan dalam satu tahun)

2 seri stiker

5 file foto (how should i call it? It looks like negative film somehowπŸ˜…)

Ini cuma salah satunya

Overall, puassss sekali menatapi semua item yang ada β€πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ full with homin homin homin mode haha

I’ve tried my best to capture these precious babies but please excuse my poor camera photo πŸ˜…

Sorry if it can’t capture all the beauties in it πŸ˜…

Ini baru part awal sih lol nanti ada part 2 karena gw terlalu malas upload banyak foto lol

Okay! May TVXQ! Spirit be with all of you today 😁



Been a While

Hello there!

Been a while and this blog has been vacant again πŸ˜…

I wanna write something on this blog anniversary but i completely forgot the actual day lol

I only remember i made this blog on July 2014.

Okay. Doesn’t matter.

Maybe some of you (who have visited this blog before) wondering why there are lots of changes inside the blog.

Especially those posts about JYJ.

Yeah for so many reason, since couple months ago, i decided to give my focus only for TVXQ.

Yes. TVXQ. And yes i mean only Yunho and Changmin. Gosh! I feel so tired that i have this urge to explain that TVXQ are Yunho and Changmin now. A clear fact that all fans should have know since long time ago, i suppose.

I have reached a point where i can no longer supporting JYJ anymore. That’s why i eliminate all posts about them inside this blog.

From now on, this attic will be full (ahem, maybe not that full lol) with TVXQ only related stuff. β€πŸ’™

Bye bye~~~

Happy weekend!


Ji Hye

Udah lama banget pengen spazzing soal adeknya Yunho ini 😍

Terutama sejak follow Instagramnya dia. 😘

Seriously, she’s so so so beautiful and her Instagram is full with lovely and yummy photo 😊

Makin diliat, makin saya ngeh kalo dia mirippppp banget sama Oppa nya heheh. Kayak kembar ya!? Kembar cewe-cowo 😍 walo beda tahun sih haha and How can their face that smol!?????

Okay. FYI. Ji Hye is already married ❀

Dia merit di tahun 2016 kemarin.

Well ada Oppa sama Changmin tuh di belakangπŸ˜†

Yang langsung saya sadari selain wajah cantiknya dia, she has a really nice figure!

Tinggi dan langsing. She looked like a model!!

I love her wedding dress.

And this photo too. Look at her flowery dress heheh


And now, she’s pregnant.

Only a month left, i think?

Another stunning photo and stunning dress from the mom to be 😍

Mungkin gegara Ji Hye tinggi kali ya jadi hamilnya pun ga terlihat terlalu besar walopun udah mau masuk bulan terakhir? πŸ€”

Andddd she shared lovely pink shoes. A baby girl? Heheh

Awww Jung Yunho will gonna be an uncle soon 😍

He’s going to be a doting uncle i think πŸ˜‹

Ji Hye juga sharing banyak foto makanan nan menggoda πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ yang bikin saya tambah betah mantengin Instagramnya dia.

I hope she’ll stay healthy and have a safe delivery 😊

Can’t wait to see her baby~

Good night all~

Photos Credit : jjung_ji_hye Official Instagram

These Days

I think about….

20% about their comeback concept.

March is still far away, i know.

30% about why he’s so freaking adorable 😍

30% about i love this giant baby. Seriously.

10% how to write a new fanfiction based on my favorite anime lol and how to pour my love towards HoMin now.

5% about food. Oh i wanna eat Ketoprak so bad right now.

5% about real life s**t

Enjoy your weekend πŸ˜„


Photos and video Credits : baboyunho,, yunho2154, changmin88